Zidane, win the League in a final every 72 hours



The Real Madrid rehearsed their first league game at the Alfredo Di Stéfano stadium, at the same time of the meeting in front of Éibar, seven thirty in the afternoon. One team was dressed in white and the other in green. Hazard grants illusions and hope.

Zidane considers this League as the 98 World Cup that was won with France. Now there will be eleven finals every three days. He then had, as a soccer player, seven finals every three days, until he proclaimed himself champion against Brazil of Ronaldo Nazario .

The coach from Marseille attacks this League, which for him begins again next Sunday, like the 1998 World Cup: eleven finals and cannot be lost. Zizou has spoken to them. This has been said to the staff. That's how the French won that World Cup, with rotations, and now there will be five changes per game.

He has asked the players for sincerity and whoever is wrong to say so, because another man can play one hundred percent and it is better to recover for the next game, which will be in three days, and not risk injury, because whoever breaks will lose this League. There is no recovery time with two days of football per week and the end scheduled for July 29.

Eleven days that must play one hundred percent each 72 hours and, therefore, Zidane asks the footballer who does not feel well to say so, because he needs maximum performance and there are five changes to maintain it; Forcing, in addition, can cause an injury and whoever falls into this reality will lose the rest of the League, since there is no recovery time

Zinedine has exposed his group that losing a game will mean losing the League, so you have to use it thoroughly in the ninety minutes that will be played every 72 hours. The sports manager of Real Madrid knows that he thus conquered the World Cup in France in 1998, in seven games every three days.

The best thing is that Asensio and Hazard are two signings for win the championship. The Belgian, who shines in every session, wants to turn a bad season into a good one. He has told Zidane that he wants to score goals (he only has two) and be finally key to deciding the League. If he succeeds, all his negative feelings will have become excellent in his first year at Real Madrid, very rugged until today. Her fibula is much stronger in her third comeback. He is confident, without fear.

The Belgian is one of the great news. Shoot door without fear and shows that he is recovered from the two fibula fissures suffered this season. He has told Zidane: winning the League would end his suffering.

Making Alfredo Di Stéfano "our" field, even if it is without an audience, is the challenge Zidane imposes on his equipment; He wants to break the neutrality tone that defines the results of the Bundesliga behind empty doors. He wants the white squad to decide the League with "six wins in the little Bernabéu"

With these two signings on this return to competition, yesterday, Zidane conducted a night session to learn more Alfredo Di Stefano at the time where will receive six rivals in this field. He wants to win the League on this pitch, which would be the first League won in the stadium named after the club's great world star, which gave rise to this eternal legend.

Zidane wants to break with that Bundesliga tonic that the field factor without public does not decide anything. He has put the team to train in the stadium so that they know all its secrets and feel it as their home. The softest grass areas or where the ball rolls the most. He claims that those things are very important because you can win a game for a detail. He has spoken with his pupils and explained that the League is played here in six games, in his little Bernabéu.

Ramos, Carvajal, Nacho, Valverde, Casemiro, Lucas, Vinicius and Rodrygo have already played at this venue. The first exam will be Real Madrid-Éibar, Sunday June 14 at 7:30 p.m. We will live the first official game of Real Madrid at Alfredo Di Stéfano. The second will be Thursday, June 18 at 10 pm.

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