Zeroing in favor of Giner and Fedun. What promises Russia UEFA concessions

Zeroing in favor of Giner and Fedun. What promises Russia UEFA concessions 5
NEW EDITION On April 21, UEFA again strongly recommended playing all the European football championships 2019/20 as part of a video conference. But if earlier the department of Alexander Cheferin threatened with automatic removal from Eurocups 2020/21 for disobedience, now it has softened the position. There is a reservation that UEFA will develop a distribution scheme for European cup vouchers for those countries that will nullify the championships under pressure from the authorities, who continue to fight the pandemic. So far this is just talk. But on Thursday, official decisions may follow at the UEFA executive committee. Obviously, no removal of Belgium and Holland, which do not intend to play their championships, now threatens. Another thing is that the same Belgians were clearly in a hurry with the distribution of European cup tickets. TWO RATINGS They sent in advance to the group stage of the Champions League the leader in the table at the time of the suspension of the Brugge season. However, according to a number of media reports, when selecting UEFA Champions League and UEFA Champions League participants to zero, they will be guided not by the 2019/20 tournament position, but by their own club rating. It is not specified, however, which one. Rather, the standard UEFA rating for the previous five seasons will be taken as the basis, which, in fact, determines the European Cup quotas every year. In this case, Brugge would not go to the Champions League group, but to … the LE qualification, as it has only the fourth sum among the representatives of Belgium, second to Genk, Anderlecht and Genk. True, there is another UEFA rating – for ten years. By the way, it plays no less importance: it is on its basis that before the start of the season the main part of payments to 32 participants of the Champions League group stage is distributed in the amount of over half a billion euros. If UEFA took this indicator as a basis, then Brugge would return to the Champions League. But not in the group, but in the qualification. Well, we don’t care about the Belgians. It is much more interesting that the “adjusted” position of UEFA means for Russia. WHAT SENSE TO CONTINUE? The RPL clubs will conduct their video conference on April 27th. It is possible that by this moment the selection rules for Eurocups 2020/21 under different scenarios will already be clearly outlined. And there is a feeling, the debate about the advisability of “nullifying” the Russian championship next Monday will flare up with renewed vigor. Indeed, will it make sense to finish the championship if the threat of removal from the European cups disappears? Here the British or Spaniards really need to get to the last: in the event of a final stop of the season, they lose hundreds of millions of euros on television contracts. In the RPL, however, clubs are guaranteed to suffer enormous financial losses from delaying the season. They earn nothing on TV. And they won’t be able to beat back expenses even on tickets, since no one will let the spectators go to the stadiums in the summer. Actually, the owner of Spartak Leonid Fedun trumpets this April, confirming the words with specific digital calculations. The number of his supporters, taking into account the “UEFA concessions,” will inevitably increase. Of the top clubs, only Lokomotiv may be opposed. And here's why. If before this, Yuri Semin’s team was “zeroed out” (Loko was second in the table for the break), then with the probable distribution of tickets to Eurocups 2020/21 according to the UEFA rating, Muscovites will probably lose the Champions League. And it doesn’t matter which of the ratings will be taken as a basis – five-year or ten-year. Both there and there the railroad workers are fourth. The Russian representation in Eurocups 2020/21 according to the current UEFA rating for five years CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Group stage Zenit, CSKA 3rd round of qualification Krasnodar EUROPEAN LEAGUE Group stage Locomotive 3rd round of qualification ] Spartak 2nd round of qualification Rostov Representation of Russia in European cups 2020/21 at the current UEFA rating for ten years CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Group e ap Zenit, CSKA 3rd round qualification Rubin (suspended) EUROPEAN LEAGUE Group stage Locomotive 3rd round of qualification Spartak 2nd round of qualification Krasnodar True, in the ten-year rating for “ Loko is a loophole. The fact is that Rubin, which occupies the third Russian place, cannot participate in Eurocups 2020/21 because of sanctions for violations of financial fairplay. Then the Semin team, apparently, will replace the Kazan team in the Champions League qualification, although … What UEFA will do in this case, only God knows. It is possible that Russia will simply be taken one of the permits. But who will definitely benefit from the “rating” filling of the Russian quota is CSKA. The club of Eugene Giner in the five- and ten-year lists is in second place, immediately behind the Zenith. This is a direct hit in the group stage of the Champions League, which, if the championship were resumed, the army team could only dream (taking into account their unstable results). Fedun will also be relieved: his “Spartak” will then definitely fall into the Europa League, which in the current situation in RPL-2019/20 red-white, to put it mildly, is not guaranteed. In general, the preliminary alignment is approximately clear. The continuation of the Russian championship is called into question. Like, in fact, any other league. With its latest refinements, UEFA has given the green light to those wishing to “zero out”. And if all of Europe will take such a step (this cannot be ruled out, because WHO has already recommended abandoning international football altogether by the end of 2021), then now we can roughly estimate the composition of the Champions League and European Championships in the 2020/21 season, for example, such. Participants in Eurocups 2020/21 with a brilliant current UEFA rating for five seasons CHAMPIONS LEAGUE Group stage Spain : Real Madrid, Atletico, Barcelona, ​​Sevilla England : Man City (suspended), Liverpool, Man. United, Arsenal Italy : Juventus, Roma, Napoli, Lazio Ger mania : Bavaria, Borussia D, Bayer, Schalke France : PSG, Lyon Russia : Zenit, CSKA Portugal : Porto Belgium : Ghent Ukraine : Shakhtar Turkey : Besiktas Round playoffs Netherlands : Ajax Austria : Salzburg 3rd round qualification Czech Republic : Victoria Greece : Olympiacos France : Monaco Russia : Krasnodar Portugal : Benfica Belgium : Anderlecht Ukraine : Dynamo K 2nd round qualifications Croatia : Dynamo Z, Rijeka Denmark : Copenhagen Switzerland : Basel Turkey : Fenerbahce Netherlands : PSV Austria : Rapid V Czech Republic : Slavia Greece : PAOK EUROPEAN LEAGUE Group stage : Villarreal, Valencia England : Tottenham, Chelsea Italy : Atalanta, Inter Germany : Leipzig, Wolfsburg France : Mars Rennes Russia : Locomotive Portugal : Sporting Belgium : Genk Ukraine : Dawn Turkey : Galatasaray Holland : Alkmar Austria : LASK 3rd round of qualification ] Russia : Spartak Portugal : Braga Belgium : Bruges Ukraine : Alexandria Turkey : Bashaksehir Netherlands : Feyenord Austria : Austria Czech Republic : Slovan Greece : AEK Croatia : Hajduk Denmark : Mid Switzerland : Young Boys 2nd round qualification Spain : Athletic A glia : Leicester Italy : Milan Germany : Eintracht France : Lille Russia : Rostov Portugal : Vitoria Belgium : Standard Ukraine : Mariupol Turkey : Osmanlispor Holland : Utrecht Austria : Wolfsberg : Jablonec, Mlada Boleslav Greece : Atromitos, Aris Croatia : Osijek, Lokomotiva Denmark : Brondby Switzerland : Tsüh

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