"You have to go out looking for desires", the message of Marcelo Gallardo on River's birthday

"You have to go out looking for desires", the message of Marcelo Gallardo on River's birthday 5

As in all River's birthdays, the official accounts of the River manage to excite the fans with memories of all history. Without going any further, in this 2020 they published a great video and put the voice of Marcelo Gallardo who reviewed all the glorious moments of the Millionaire and left a forceful moral.
"On each birthday we ask for our wishes. What nobody tells you is that they do not come alone. You have to go looking for them. As did that group of workers, who together, on a day like today, united behind a desire: to form a club. And they formed the greatest club of all ", started the Doll, recounting the beginnings of River.
And then he went through all the great milestones of the Millionaire, from La Maquinaria, to his present as coach: " That desire inspired others to be the best, becoming a true machine . They never stopped until they achieved it."
" And when desire is made to wait for a long time, after never lowering its arms, the conquest becomes a legend ", continued Gallardo, with images of Ángel Labruna in the background.
Then it was time to go over more golden times of River: " There are wishes of a thousand colors (the goal of Beto Alonso in La Bombonera with the orange ball). Of feats and epics, which we seek to repeat in the memory. Of princes (Enzo Francescoli) and heroes. And of boys who become giants (Pablo Aimar, Javier Saviola and Gallardo himself) ".
" But there are also moments that we never wish for . Moments of getting into the mud. To come out stronger, stronger than ever," Gallardo stressed, about the time that River had to play the First National B.
And finally, his stage as DT arrived: " And although they say that if you count them out loud they are not fulfilled, some wishes must be shouted . Because when you believe, you achieve what you had not even encouraged to Dream. Happy 119 years to my dear River Plate, thank you. "

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