"You cannot beat the best in the world without taking something"



Former Lance Armstrong team manager Johan Bruyneel spoke to Belgian magazine Humo. The 55-year-old Belgian cyclist reviewed names, situations and experiences in cycling, and, as always, expressed himself clearly. Bruyneel directed the US Postal, Discovery Channel, Astana and RadioShack, and was sanctioned for life for his role in Armstrong and doping on his structures.

"It's very simple: all the champions in history They were the best of their generation in cycling, ”Bruyneel told Smoke. In the 1990s, everyone had access to the same drugs: blood doping and EPO. Greg LeMond always says, 'I am the only clean winner.' Shit!. He always ran for French teams, and they were the kings of the cortisone ".

" Do you really imagine that LeMond never took anything? He has beaten Hinault and Fignon, who admitted doping. You cannot beat the best in the world who have doping without taking something yourself, "added Bruyneel. But LeMond was the best of his generation, as were Hinault, Anquetil, Merckx and Indurain. And Lance too. "

" Hypocrisy is what hurt the most, "Bruyneel said. “When I listen to some former colleagues employed on television I think: 'Do what you want, but don't talk about doping.'”

“Look at the team leaders Marc Madiot [Groupama-FDJ]Vincent Lavenu [AG2R La Mondiale] and Jean-René Bernaudeau [Total Direct Energie] -the great leaders of French cycling. They continue to judge me for my past, but what they have has been forgiven, so to speak. ”

Bruyneel told a story from his early days as a professional that involved Madiot. “It was in my first career abroad as a second-year professional. I was completely squeezed between the support cars, but I did my best to finish that race. The doping control was carried out by lottery, which was announced halfway through the race radio. Madiot returned to the team car, heard that he was not called [por el control de dopaje] rolled up his sleeve and put a syringe on his upper arm . That image has stayed with me all my life. And those are the men who continue to condemn me and Lance. ”

And he added another example. “We are apparently to blame for all the ills of cycling. But explain what difference there is between me and Bjarne Riis. We competed at the same time and there were no differences regarding doping, I at least did not have a hematocrit of 60. As sports directors we also followed a similar path. I worked with Michele Ferrari and he with Eufemiano Fuentes . There is only one legal difference. In the case of Riis, the Danish Anti-Doping Agency respected the prescription of the facts. "

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