Xavi will convince Messi to stay at Barça Football News



One of the great concerns of Barcelona is the future of Messi and more after his arrival in Barcelona yesterday, when he expressed discontent and fed up when asked about all the controversy that surrounds him with Griezmann . One of the people who claims to have the solution is Víctor Font, a candidate for the presidency and who last night went through the Cope microphones to resolve all the doubts of the culé environment. Font entrusted Xavi with the tip of the iceberg of his project, to convince Messi about its continuity. “We have been building a project all this time and we believe that this project involves setting up a structure. The time has come for not to be a resultist and, in that sense, it would make sense for Xavi to enter that structure. He is the best possible person to lead the project, "the candidate began by explaining, adding:" Messi will listen to us and see our intentions. He will know our project and this is what worries us, that Messi knows that we have a competitive project. It is imperative that it continue . Our intention is to discuss the matter with him. The important thing is that there is light at the end of the tunnel and there are elections soon. Messi and his people will be able to understand what is going to happen shortly depending on who wins. We believe that Messi and Barça have to be a strategic partnership, it goes beyond their withdrawal. The businessman, who revealed that he had spoken with the Argentine's environment, assured that "the best to convince Messi is Xavi" . 'You know him perfectly well. Leo trusts Xavi's abilities, I know. It will have a very important place in this process. Messi is irreplaceable ", he assured.

Font trusts Xavi and rules out that no one can present a much more attractive name to win the elections:" Whoever comes with promises of super signings like Neymar, Mbappé .. . it won't be a very credible promise. We are in a situation of almost pre-bankruptcy. There is no liquidity to pay. It was not possible to sign Éric García, nor Depay … with which, and adding the salary limits set by the League, the normal thing is that we now bet more on people from the house. Ansu Fati, Pedri … we have to go more this way ». In this sense, he referred to the possible and future arrival of Eric García : «I know that he is crazy to come. The possibility of signing De Ligt also escaped. The new sports structure will be the one that decides all these issues. ”

The Catalan businessman was cautious about the political role of the club but ruled out that his pro-independence profile could be associated with a group that could be behind it. “It is clear that the founding roots of the club must not be given up. Barça represents a good part of the Catalan people, Barça has allowed us to explain what Catalonia is outside of Spain . That does not mean that we use Barça as a political party. And he was skeptical about the possibility of participating in a European Super League behind UEFA's back, as announced Bartomeu on the day of his resignation: “Bartomeu left signed some papers of a Super League that does not exist. I know that they are talking, it is not the first time. Some big clubs are trying to boost another competition behind UEFA's back. For us, there is a long way to go to improve the Champions League format. It can be greatly improved, but it is important that the national leagues remain competitive. After ensuring that Barcelona, ​​under his tenure, would recover Unicef ​​on the shirt, he valued some signings such as Grie zmann : «He is surprising because of his talent. It is clear that it was a signing that should not have been made because of the position he occupies. He came to occupy the position that Messi already occupies and the fit was very complicated ». And he referred to the departure of Luis Suárez: « We could expect Luis to be one of the players who left . I missed the forms and that it was done without having a clear replacement. We can suffer this year due to the lack of a goal because that was contributed by Suárez. ”

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