Wretch Corado, do not forget and do not forgive. Rating of Russophobe judges

Wretch Corado, do not forget and do not forgive. Rating of Russophobe judges 5
We decided to recall the main judicial scandals, which our clubs and the national team fell victim to. And let's start with the same match 27 years ago, the fate of which was predetermined by the Portuguese "evil genius of Russia." Georges COROADO (Portugal) April 22, 1993. 1/2 Cup Cup finals. Return match. “Antwerp” – “Spartak” – 3: 1 The author of this article was fortunate enough to personally attend three home matches of red and white in that draw of the now defunct European Cup. It all started for the team Oleg Romantsev from the Luxembourg “Avenir”, a game against which I did not see live. But meetings with Liverpool (in the eighth finals), Feyenoord (1/4) and Antwerp were able to be visited. The match with the British deserves a separate column, we already talked about the game with the Dutch . But now let's move on to the confrontation with the Belgians, whom the magnificent “Spartak” defeated at home with a minimum score thanks to the goal of Andrei Pyatnitsky . Well, then there was the very return fight of the “name of Corado”. Dmitry Radchenko scored an easy ball in the debut. Thus, Antwerp needed three goals at once. And I, as I remember now, allowed myself the unthinkable: without waiting for the final whistle, I went home on the subway. I was so sure of Spartak. And having arrived, I saw what I saw … Many years have passed, but since then football has never made me cry. Then I did not just cry – rather howled. I think that for any fan of red and white, the word “Corado” has forever turned into a dirty curse . Yes, today, in hindsight, you can pay attention to the insecure actions of the defender Andrei Chernyshov in the episodes with the first and second goals of the hosts, you can recall Pyatnitsky's mistake from the most advantageous position with the score 1: 1. But it is obvious to everyone that the main event of the game was the penalty and removal of Viktor Onopko with whom the judge punished Spartak about 12 minutes before the final whistle. Corado (we will call him that) made his decision after the “denunciation” of his assistant, stopping the game when the ball was already far beyond the red-white box. The assistant demonstrated a characteristic movement of the hand with his fist exposed. Apparently, the impulse was meant. But during the broadcast, he remained behind the scenes even in video replays. And if someone was pushing in the penalty area, then it was definitely not Onopko … In general, Spartak, which was obliged to pass Antwerp by all accounts, incomprehensibly lost its first ticket to the European Cup final in its history. Fans are still waiting for this ticket. And it is not known when they will wait. And who is to blame? That's right – Corado, be it wrong. "Everyone silently looked at the floor and understood nothing." How Spartak was killed 27 years ago Serge MUMENTALER (Switzerland) on March 20, 1996. Champions League quarter finals. Return match. “Spartak” – “Nantes” – 2: 2 Radish Corado was in splendid isolation for exactly three years. So far, Spartak, enchantingly holding the Champions League group stage (6 wins in 6 matches), did not reach the quarterfinals of the main European Cup at Nantes. It was already the spring stage of the tournament. In the offseason, the red and white lost three key players: Vasily Kulkov and Sergey Juran went to an English club, the name of which is somehow embarrassing to pronounce, Stanislav Cherchesov returned from lease to the Dresden Dynamo. And given the problems with the knee of Ilya Tsymbalar the fans were afraid of the team’s departure to France. There, Romantsev’s team still easily got off – 0: 2. But in the return game at the Lokomotiv stadium, Yuri Nikiforov was really furious . Especially cruel was his first goal against Nantes, and the second went well. At the same time, from the rostrum, which I, again, was present, it was clearly visible how the Swiss judge Mumentaler didn’t put an end to it twice after obvious fouls on Valeria Kechinov and Sergey Nagornyak . The first of the episodes was especially beautiful. Kechinov, being on the left flank, flew away from two opponents, but remained on his feet until he was in the penalty area. A push in the back? No, the judge didn’t see anything … Well, Spartak just got up at some point, because driving across the field at a maximum speed of 90 minutes is impossible, and Nicolas Wadek rather easily took a double. I left the stadium after the first back ball of the French. I learned about the second already near the Cherkizovskaya metro station. In such a game and in such refereeing, even the score 2: 1 sounded a verdict. Serge Mmentalaler, we remember you and we will never forget! Vaclav KRUNDL (Czech Republic) September 10, 1997. Selection for the 1998 World Cup. Bulgaria – Russia – 1-0 Old Wenceslas surpassed Corado and Mumentalera combined. They hit punctually and in clubs, and the Czech threshed the line at the federal level. In many ways, this defeat left our team without a direct ticket to the World Cup, sending it to almost hopeless junctions with Italy. And now just enjoy this thread and choose the most infernal of the penalty not assigned by Krondl to the Bulgarian goal. The episodes with three Igor – Kolyvanov, Simutenkov and Yanovsky – it's just horror. Vaclav resolutely did not want to fix fouls on footballers named Igor. “The match is served by a young German Marcus Merck . Not to be confused with the elderly Czech Krondl ”- this ingenious phrase by Vasily Utkin during one of the broadcasts, it seems, of the Champions League, is with us forever. You can’t say better than that. Remember you, Vaclav! Mario VAN DER ENDE (Holland) August 22, 2001. Champions League qualification. Return match. “Tyrol” – “Lokomotiv” – 0: 1 “Achievements” of a Dutchman who did not mistakenly delete Ruslan Pimenov in that match in Austria seem against Corado and Krondl to be an innocent game of “rat”. Rather, it is worth scolding the gentlemen from UEFA, who could not come up with anything better than a replay. Lokomotiv lost 0-1 in the second meeting, but still went further thanks to a 3-1 home win in Ramenskoye. Remember the wildest goal of Sergei Ignashevich ? Yuri Semin following the replay waved his fists, and Ruslan Nigmatullin even during the match – with his hands. Take a look and enjoy. True, it was very cool. Graham Paul (England) September 1, 2001. Selection for the 2002 World Cup. Slovenia – Russia – 2: 1 The decision of the Englishman Graham Paul in a memorable guest match with Slovenes (not in Maribor during by Guus Hiddink but eight years before of this). If you look closely at the episode, you can see the delay on the part of Vyacheslav Daev . But to put such penalties in the end with an equal score? A dubious story. And eight years later, Paul publicly admitted the mistake and even apologized. In the end, the Russians did not suffer any global losses from this decision, having successfully completed the selection for the championship in Japan and Korea, where they played frankly weakly. Luciliu BATISHTA March 10, 2004. Champions League 1/8 finals. Return match. “Monaco” – “Lokomotiv” – 1-0 11 years after the “feat of Corado,” the Portuguese footprint reminded itself again. Now the mess was arranged in the playoffs of the main European competition, which began for Lokomotiv with an encouraging home victory over the future finalist of the tournament – Monaco (2: 1). In Monte Carlo, Batishta already by the 22nd minute left Semin's team in the minority, having expelled Dmitry Loskov from the field for two yellow cards. Well, not a mess? But before that, the Portuguese also put a penalty in the Muscovites. Even if it was not realized by Dado Prsho . Be that as it may, in the second half, the same Preso scored – and Loko remained overboard the historical quarter-finals. Rene TEMMINK (Holland) August 26, 2005. UEFA Super Cup. Liverpool – CSKA – 3: 1 Less than a year later, at the same stadium in Monaco, at the most inopportune moment, he deigned to “mess up” another Dutchman (hi van der Ende). CSKA did not just fight Liverpool on an equal footing, but led in the account until the 82nd minute. And then Temmink did not see how the ball after a desperate tackle by Ignashevich juicyly thrust into the hand of Djibril Cisse which allowed the Frenchman to calmly hit the empty net. If it were not for this judicial blunder, Russia most likely would not have had to wait for the first triumph in the Super Cup until 2008, when this trophy won Zenit. However, in the episode with the goal of Cisse, the lion's share of the claims should have been redirected to Assistant Temmink, who could not help but see a clear violation on the part of the future Kuban striker.

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