Wos replied to Messi

With the progressive return of soccer in Spain, Lionel Messi took advantage of taking more contact with his social networks and showing some of his intimacy. Although it is not the first time that La Pulga is relaxed at home, yesterday he made a publication that showed him as just another Argentine.
Mate in hand, the player from Barcelona and the National Team could be seen resting at home and listening to some music. For the most absent-minded, 10 decided to write "full with Wos" while "Kangaroo" played in the background, one of the artist's best-known songs.
Quickly, and especially in Spain where perhaps he is not so well known, the name of this young artist began to go viral. And so, the rapper decided to return kindness and thank Messi for the gesture on the same social network.
"Genioooo" published in his stories along with the video that the Rosario had shared on his Instagram account. But also, Valentín Oliva (the artist's real name), shared another clip in his stories with Messi's great goal to Brazil in the remembered 4 to 3 of the friendly played in the United States.
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"Number 1 on the planet" were the words to describe The Flea that Wos used. In short, a great dialogue between the footballer and the artist that drove fans of both of them crazy.
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