With the NHL or with the KHL? How easier it is for Russia to defeat Beijing-2022

With the NHL or with the KHL? How easier it is for Russia to defeat Beijing-2022 5
Roman Rotenberg, head of the national team headquarters, at a recent video conference clearly outlined the task in Beijing-2022 – only gold. Now we and the Canadians have nine Olympic victories in the capital of China, by all means it is necessary to circumvent the founders of hockey. In September, clarity should come with the participation of the NHL in the 2022 Games. This was promised by the President of the IIHF Rene Fasel . At the next World Cup in Minsk / Riga, most likely, you will have to do without players from the strongest league in the world. In extreme cases, their participation will be minimally point. Let’s see what the KHL is worth at the international level. In any case, both options must be kept in mind. Which one is preferable to Russia? How is it easier for our team to win the Olympics – with or without NHL representatives? This question was asked in March by the editorial board of Sovetsky Sport to guest Andrei Nikolishin . He confidently answered: without the NHL. Thanks to those returning from overseas. That was before Pyeongchang. With Kovalchuk Datsyuk Nesterov Grigorenko partly Alexey Marchenko … Now the outflow of players from the KHL exceeds inflow. Such masters as Gusev Caprice Barabanov Grigorenko, Tooth Mikheev it is problematic to replace. And which of the potential candidates can return? Prokhorkin if I call Goldobin they will make me laugh. The difficulty of the situation of the new head coach of the Valery Bragin is that he does not have the backbone of the team, and there is a youth link. V.E. Tkachev Kuzmenko Burdasov Ozhiganov Samonov The Shvets-Rogovaya collection is only being mastered . The same applies to players from other clubs – Slepyshev Soshnikov Bobkova Golyshev … Even Shipachev is not may feel like a reinforced concrete candidate for a trip to Beijing. Not the fact that the youth link Podkolzin Morozov K. Marchenko . Unfortunately, due to circumstances, we did not see its capabilities in the playoff combat matches. And the ending of the regular season and the series with Vityaz did not measure quality and skill. We are cited as an example the youth troika from CSKA Grave Fedorov P. Bure . But in full force she did not play at the World Cup. Mogilny won the 1988 Olympics and the 1989 World Cup, after which he fled to the NHL. Fedorov – World Cup 1989, 1990 and followed the example of the Grave. For us, the 1990 World Cup storm was at hand, but journalists included him in the second All Stars team. God forbid that the St. Petersburg youth team reach a serious international level in a season and a half. There are real doubts about this. There is too little time before the World Cup 2021 and the Olympics 2022. By the way, at the MFM-2020 in Ostrava, in the center of this trio, Morozov didn’t go out, but Voronkov and she didn’t make the weather. In this case, all the top teams in Beijing will be on an equal footing. Players will come from overseas and perform from the sheet. The task of trainers is simplified. The motivational component will come to the fore, and this is the strength of coach Bragin. He and the headquarters have to find the right "chemistry" in the links, but there should be no problems with this. Threes Dadonov – Shipachev – Panarin Kucherov Anisimov (Prokhorkin) – Gusev proved everything to everyone. More difficult with Ovechkin . The IIHF banned Kuznetsov who now play with Alexander the Great in the national team? Whom to put in the center to him and Kaprizov? Unanswered question. We have first-class goalkeepers, there is a choice. And the line of defense, though not stellar, but quite qualified and quite young – Orlov Sergachev Provorov Zaitsev Zadorov … You look, and Tooth with Romanov will break into the Olympic squad. So for Russia and, of course, fans it is better for the NHL to take part in the Beijing 2022 tournament. Or do you, dear readers, have a polar opinion?

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