"With everything they have stolen they have done nothing for the people"

  Updated: 05/23/2020 14:16
  Diego Maradona a former soccer player and coach, stated that he is fully in favor of a “ wealth tax ”, a measure promoted by the Argentine government deputies and senators and which is in full debate in this context of the coronavirus pandemic. “ In this country there are rich and poor . He who has it keeps it and he who does not ask on the street. I am in favor of your application. Totally. You have to make things equal, "said the current gymnastics and fencing coach La Plata in dialogue with the C5N channel." In Villa Fiorito everything is the same. The only thing that didn't change is people's desire to eat. With all the money that has been stolen they did nothing for the people . The rich people took all the greens, ”added Maradona, who complies at his home in the Buenos Aires neighborhood of Bella Vista with the social and compulsory isolation that has governed Argentina for more than 60 days. Maradona also compared the current Government led by Alberto Fernández with his predecessor Mauricio Macri: “Alberto started ten thousand points and now he is in a hundred thousand. It has to lift people out of poverty. Give him a loaf. Couldn't these thieves have stolen a little less to give to the people? The Macri thing is not from now, it came from family ”. Maradona ended with a message for the opposition of the current Government:" Don't put stones in our way . With the boss (by Cristina Kirchner), and now the boss (Alberto Fernández), he doesn't screw around. They are doing things wonderfully well. Let's not forget Axel Kicillof who He is working well. The President has the balls to face whatever it takes. If I knew that the mafias exist ".

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