Will Russia go its own way again? What is behind the statements of Giner and Fedun about football with spectators

IF SITING AT HOME – SO THE WORLD? First, State Duma deputy from the Communist Party Tamara Pletneva who also holds the post of chairman of the State Duma committee on issues of family, women and children, she considered it necessary to contact the Rospotrebnadzor with a request to clarify the decision to resume the Russian championship from June 21. According to a letter from Pletneva to the head of the supervisory department Anna Popova the deputy received a collective appeal from a group of citizens who are concerned about the speedy resumption of RPL-2019/20. What are these dozens of active comrades not happy with? They believe that it is premature in a pandemic to start playing football at a time when citizens are unable to earn money or exercise in the gym and outdoors. Such a situation, in their opinion, looks provocative and emphasizes social inequality. Since it turns out that the state demonstrates a desire to help the unaffected economy, small and medium-sized businesses, people who have lost their jobs, and football businesses and millionaire players who receive the right not to observe self-isolation and continue to earn money. Therefore, the championship should be postponed until all restrictions in the country are removed and the final turnaround in the situation of a pandemic occurs. The letter, admittedly, was very surprising. We all know how to write messages signed by a group of citizens. Such collective appeals come every day to the State Duma on any issue a wagon and a small cart. However, the deputy decided to focus on football writing. What is it for? Agree, it raises questions when the person in charge of families and children suddenly begins to worry about restarting a sporting event without spectators, but if you understand the essence of the message of a group of citizens sensibly, you can summarize its meaning as follows: let everyone be equally bad , there is nothing for football players to stand out from the crowd. If you sit at home – so the whole world. Because it is not clear what benefit will be for citizens if the football championship does not resume. Football players will not stop receiving salaries from this, club budgets have long been planned for the season ahead, as well as player contracts. Saving on this will not work either in favor of the doctors, or in favor of someone else, so why then stir up the water? Why should it? Will Russia go its own way again? What is behind the statements of Giner and Fedun about football with spectators 5 Deputy Tamara Pletneva is sharply against Russian football this summer. FEDUN AND GINER GO TO ATTACK And then the news came from Two leaders of the leading and popular clubs Spartak and CSKA, respectively Leonid Fedun and Evgeny Giner suddenly sensationally declared: there is hope that fans will soon be allowed to visit the stadium. At the same time, Leonid Arnoldovich explained: he hopes that due to the fact that the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin will quarantine, fans will be allowed to visit the stadiums taking into account sanitary standards, in which case the audience will be at a distance of two meters from each other from a friend. “That would be very good,” Fedun said, adding that matches without fans would bring clubs unearned profit of one and a half billion at least. Evgeny Lennorovich, in turn, also emphasized that it’s necessary to consider options for returning fans to the stands after the resumption of the Russian championship. “Feelings are twofold. On the one hand, we all missed football and the opportunity to return to the competitive rhythm of the championship. However, practice shows – I’m primarily talking about the German Bundesliga – that football in the new conditions is more like friendly matches than the tournament that has always attracted fans. This is not my feeling, the ratings of television broadcasts of the German championship also speak about this. I believe that football without spectators is of little interest to fans, and to the participants themselves, and to the entire industry. Now that we are witnessing a decline in the incidence rates in the whole country, we need to consider options for returning fans to stadiums. Clearly, I'm not talking about the full stands. Perhaps about half of the stadium, but these are the details that can be worked out with a positive solution to the issue. And, obviously, it is necessary to prepare medical requirements for the admission of fans to the stands. These are temperature measurements for fans, rapid tests and so on. People are tired of self-isolation, miss their favorite teams and players, you need to think about them and give them the opportunity to choose between going to the stadium and watching matches on television, ”Sporter Giner quotes. Will Russia go its own way again? What is behind the statements of Giner and Fedun about football with spectators 6 Yevgeny Giner and Leonid Fedun want to return the audience to the stands contrary to European experience. WHAT IS FOOTBALL WELL THAN OTHER INDUSTRIES OF THE ECONOMY? What would all this mean? Why did the bosses of the reputed clubs unison and the same thing about the possibility of returning viewers to the stands? After all, on Wednesday morning it seemed to everyone that the question was closed, removed from the agenda for the coming months, not only in Russia but throughout the world. What is behind this? Maybe this is just an attempt it’s unlikely that experienced functionaries will not do such things if there is no real background behind this. Obviously, at the very top, they really seriously discuss the issue of returning to the stands of the fliers. It is also clear that the question has not only supporters, but also opponents. Probably, these considerations can be triggered by an almost simultaneous sharp letter to the State Duma of the State Duma of the State Duma about the ban on football and unexpected statements by authoritative football leaders. Giner's argument that football without fans is a pitiful sight is absolutely understandable. It's hard to disagree with the red-blue boss. The main match of the German championship that took place on the eve between the leaders of the Dortmund tournament “Borussia” and “Bavaria” (0: 1) once again convinced everyone of this. Despite the abundance of top masters on the field in both teams, the feeling that you were watching something fake, fake did not leave. In RPL, the situation with matches without spectators will be even worse, because in our championship there are no stars of such a level. What can such a football lead to? To a sharp drop in interest in him. In our Russian case, the problem is compounded by the fact that games without spectators are one complete loss. The RPL does not have the income from television, which is in the leading European championships. What will our teams play for? For an idea? One beautiful slogans and self-conceit – what we are worse than all of Europe, we will also have football, no matter what – you will not be full. It’s not for nothing that Fedun speaks for a second month of the multimillion-dollar losses that the game will bring without fans. And what, in fact, is football worse than other sectors of the economy? Are championship matches a greater coronavirus danger than work on construction sites and other industrial enterprises that have already resumed their work? Not to mention the metro, which was not closed. A game without spectators really does not make sense, but with them in the stands this very meaning appears. Because in this way people will at least earn money, like other areas of activity that have been given the green light to exit isolation. Will our football leaders get to push this issue? Chances, at first glance, are negligible. For two months we were convinced that no mass events in the foreseeable future could be by definition. What suddenly changed in one fine moment, if the coronavirus has not yet subsided, the epidemic and danger are not gone? Perhaps there was hope that in a month, when the RPL is to play the first match after the break, everything will change dramatically? God forbid that it was so. Who knows, maybe high-ranking officials have information that is not yet available to most citizens. But which makes Giner and Fedun cherish the hope that our football will be held with the spectators.

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