Why is River the Greatest? | River Plate

Why is River the Greatest? | River Plate 5

Nadir Ghazal

12:00 pm

Being from River is a way of life. Summarizing it purely and exclusively to the endless greatness that the great majority of the teams that defended our colors have reaped year after year would be a sin, because precisely one of the aspects that most differentiates us from the rest is the set of factors that represent space and the spirit of the club as a true home for all of us who are part of this extraordinary passion.

If we first place ourselves in football, the reasons for being above the rest are eloquent. Próceres of the stature of Ángel Labruna that marked the purest of DNA and the way forward. Idols that set the agenda at all times, from Angelito and Bernabé himself, passing through Sívori and Amadeo, reaching Beto, Enzo and Ariel, and culminating with Ponzio and Cavenaghi Trainers who are fully idolized icons such as Angelito himself, Ramon and El Muñeco, determinants and winners from minute zero.

Equipment that will be remembered forever such as the Machine, the Bambino, the mid-90s and the Gallardo cycle. A seedbed that was the one that has nurtured the Argentine National Team the most over time. An immense amount of titles of all colors, being the most successful locally and having won the most important cup that is remembered. And also the wonderful growth of women in recent years.

And even greatness is demonstrated in the way of surviving and reacting to the worst moments and situations. When the sporting misfortune led us to row in the mud, we were prepared there not only to get our heads afloat and to be more unconditional than ever being fans, but also to take the world ahead within the field and less than a decade after having achieved the most important final in the history of football in the face of the classic rival and raising the result three times, and with many other titles of great value achieved during that glorious journey.

But the River concept contains millions of extraordinary and valuable factors that are not linked to the soccer ball. We are also a club full of activities of all kinds to unite the family and generate new families. We are a place that educates the youngest and teenagers with educational centers within the facilities. We are a cluster of subsidiaries around the country and the world that represent the spirit and love for the club. We are a permanent source of solidarity actions of all kinds, to help those most in need regardless of the color of the shirt they have. We are a true family, regardless of distances.

River is each one of those aspects by itself, and it is also each one of them merged and represented from head to toe. Because great is not made, great is born. And 119 years are more than enough to make it clear that our rod is far above that of the rest.

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