Why did Fuenlabrada travel to Galicia with several positives?

The case of the Fuenlabrada staff confined to a hotel in A Coruña after several members of the expedition gave positive for covid-19 hours before playing against Deportivo de La Coruña has become a football and public health problem .

In sports because several teams have announced complaints to the League for having postponed Dépor-Fuenlabrada and allowing the rest of the day to be played.

Regarding health, because the Xunta de Galicia has launched an investigation to determine if the 'Fuenla' traveled knowing that there were positives for coronavirus in the workforce, with the risk that this implies for public health .

From the Madrid club they defend that they complied with all the sanitary protocols of the League and assure that they did not commit any negligence when traveling to A Coruña.

The president of Fuenlabrada assures that they complied with the rules and Elche feels injured

What went wrong then? Why did the Fuenlabrada players get on a plane if they were waiting to know the results of some tests?

In the absence of more information to clarify this situation, we make a chronological review of this case which, for the moment, keeps the Fuenlabrada staff confined to a Galician hotel.

Friday 17. The Fuenlabrada beats Elche

Last Friday, the Fuenlabrada received at home Elche, who beat 3-1 and advanced in the classification. It was a victory that put Madridians in ‘play-off’ positions and made them depend on themselves if they beat Dépor.

Saturday 18. A positive player for COVID

As required by the protocol of the League, Fuenlabrada performs PCR tests on its players and coaching staff since in 48 hours must face the team from A Coruña. Of all the tests carried out one is positive . This is a player, whose identity is not disclosed, and who is isolated from the rest of the group.

If there is a positive, the League will not stop

That player, complying with the health regulations of the League, already knows that he will not be able to play until he gives two negative PCRs, but the game continues.

This was specified Thebes in a statement in early June: "If there is a positive, the League will not stop, that player will be removed and subjected to control, but the competition will continue."

Sunday 19. New tests and three more positives

On Sunday the 'Fuenla' repeats the tests to the first team and coaching staff detecting three cases most positive by COVID. It would be a doctor and two members of the staff who have also been isolated since then.

"There are three infected club employees who have followed the protocol, except 15 minutes less than 2 meters away. It was decided to isolate them and all those who had tested negative were tested. There were three tests in less than two days, "says the president of Fuenlabrada.

Monday 20. New round of tests and trip to Galicia

First thing on Monday, the day of the match, Fuenlabrada returns to to perform a coronavirus test to all the members of the expedition who are going to head to A Coruña. The fourth in three days.

However, they take the plane and land in Alvedro at 11:30 in the morning even without knowing what these tests had thrown up. The results came in the early afternoon. Six 'Fuenla' players test positive for the coronavirus test that same day.

At that moment, Fuenlabrada informed LaLiga of the situation and awaited the decision of the meeting of the body with CSD and Spanish Football Federation (RFEF).

Monday 20. The Depor-Fuenla is postponed and the rest of the day continues

In the absence of 25 minutes for the meeting to begin, scheduled for 21: 00 hours, the League announces that Deportivo – Fuenlabrada is postponed "for health reasons of force majeure" and also determines that the rest of the play must continue.

A decision that did not Many teams like it and unleash a football crisis, since Dépor, for example, goes down without having played and others like Rayo Vallecano or Elche announce legal measures considering that "Breaches the principle of equality" for not playing all the major games at the same time.

For its part, the Fuenlabrada staff has been confined to its concentration hotel, while since the club has pointed out that “all the people who have tested positive in the medical tests have had no symptoms ”.

Tuesday 21. The Xunta opens an investigation and subjects the players to new tests

With the football crisis already unleashed, the health crisis begins to untie. The Mayor of A Coruña, Inés Rey, manifests her outrage at the “irresponsible trip” of Fuenlabrada, while the Xunta de Galicia announces an investigation to determine if the Madrid team traveled knowingly that there was a positive in its staff.

Meanwhile, it makes new tests on the entire 'Fuenla' expedition and detects that there are six positive cases five that have already been they had notified the previous day and a new one.

Tuesday 21. The Fuenlabrada defends itself

Finally, in the late afternoon on Tuesday, the Fuenlabrada issued a statement to defend against the accusations of the mayor of A Coruña and reiterate that, at all times, the club complied with the protocols of the League and did not commit any negligence .

Wednesday 22. Third day of confinement in the hotel

The players from Fuenlabrada face their third day confined in the Coruña hotel of concentration new coronavirus tests are performed.

No person has been put at risk, we travel on a private flight

From that hotel, the team president, Jonathan Praena, defends that they have done everything according to the protocols and without putting anyone at risk.

14 hours – The president of Fuenlabrada confirms that the positives begin to have symptoms – Listen now

"In no case has any person been put at risk, we travel by private flight and by bus in compliance with protocol. We always inform LaLiga of the information and do not commit any negligence," he assured.

He also revealed that some of the players began to have symptoms. "Nobody asks about them, but the boys have started with symptoms today . They have fever and headaches," he said.

Wednesday 22. Madrid opens proceedings to study the outbreak

While the players remain isolated in Galicia, the Community of Madrid has opened health proceedings to find out what it is that It has happened with the coronavirus outbreak detected among the Fuenlabrada players.

According to the Madrid vice president, Ignacio Aguado, the Community wants to clarify why the first positive PCR of the team was not notified at the time and thus have acted before.

"They should not have traveled"

And it is that, following the guidelines of the League, positive players and their contacts should be isolated until they have two negative PCR tests with a separation of three days between them.

Sometimes they are doubtful results, but even so they should have chosen to prevent

If instead they had been governed by the Health protocol, the Fuenlabrada should not even have traveled to Galicia, as stated by Luis Verde, manager of the health area of ​​A Coruña and responsible for the tests that were carried out. they are making the Madrid club squad.

“Fuenlabrada should not have traveled knowing the positives, we know that sometimes they are doubtful results, but even so they should have chosen to prevent "He pointed out.

Wednesday 22. Postponement of promotion play-offs

The fact that Fuenlabrada is confined being one of the teams with options to play the promotion league to First, it caused the League to postpone the play-offs between Girona and Almería .

At the moment there is no scheduled date to dispute the duel between Dépor and 'Fuenla' and that causes it not to it is known if it is Elche or the Madrid team who should fight for promotion against Zaragoza.

Wednesday 22. The CSD says that Fuenlabrada failed to comply with the protocol

Late Wednesday afternoon, the Superior Sports Council issued a statement in which he claimed that the Fuenlabrada had "seriously" failed to comply with the protocol and had put public health at risk.

The President of the Madrid club, however, defended himself again, assuring that they did not inform the health authorities "because there was no outbreak " and regretted that the CSD launched attacks on the club .

Praena: "The CSD launches attacks on the club". Listen now.

Thursday 23. The number of infected increased to 16

On Thursday afternoon, new tests to the players determined an increase in the number of affected . In total 16 members of the Fuenlabrada had already given a positive to the Covid-19 test, 12 of them were confined in the hotel in A Coruña, while the other four are members of the expedition that they had not traveled to Galicia for having previously tested positive.

This new increase in cases also increased the discomfort in the Xunta with this case since the Madrid club had done these tests with a private laboratory without having previously informed the autonomous government, which is responsible for health in the community.

Friday 24. The Prosecutor's Office opens proceedings

And this Friday the A Coruña Prosecutor's Office has opened dilegencies to investigate the Madrid team's trip to Galicia, to determine if it committed a crime by not reporting the cases of coronavirus that were on its staff before traveling.

While the Minister of Culture and Sports, José Manuel Rodríguez Uribes, He stated that they were going to analyze what had failed in a protocol "that was very well designed by the parties" and that "has worked in 99.9% of the parties."

Friday 24. A fugitive from Fuenlabrada is admitted to the hospital

Shortly after, it was known the admission to the hospital of one of the players Who was confined to the hotel in A Coruña.

As reported by the club itself, this footballer's state of health "is not serious" but he was transferred to the hospital because he felt unwell.

Saturday 25. The number of infected shoots up to 28

Just one week after detecting the first case, Fuenlabrada reported an increase in the number of contagions among its staff. He detected 12 new positives so that the total of infected in the team amounted to 28 .

"We want to express our deep pain and concern for the results, "said the club in its statement, while its lawyer announced that they will take measures" to demonstrate that they did not breach the protocol. "

Sunday 26. Depor-Fuenla is suspended but the club does not give up playing it

The League permanently suspends Dépor-Fuenlabrada, although the people of Madrid do not give up playing

LaLiga's next move was to make the decision of to permanently suspend Dépor-Fuenlabrada so that the playoffs, which would be played by Elche, would continue. The football association issued a statement in this regard and chose the "sports generosity" of the 'Fuenla' when accepting the decision.

However, the Madrid team denied that he gave up playing that game and assured that LaLiga was not the only competent body to make that decision.

A complete sports muddle to which Javier Tebas, president of LaLiga, also contributed, assuring in social networks that he was "the only person responsible for the trip to A Coruña" .

Monday 27. Six more infected and Thebes defends its management

One week after the Covid outbreak was uncovered in the Fuenlabrada staff, the Galician Service of Health reported six new positives in the Madrid expedition. In other words, 18 of the team members who are in the hotel in A Coruña had tested positive for the coronavirus.

That same afternoon, the president of LaLiga, Javier Tebas, again defended his management in this case and noted that did not plan to resign .

Tuesday 28. Chico Flores is discharged

Ten days after the first positive, Fuenlabrada was still pending the decision of the Competition Committee to wait to know what was going on. to pass with his postponed match against Dépor. Chico Flores, the player who was admitted, was discharged from hospital and expressed the players' desire to play the game. " That they do not take away what we have earned ," said the defense attorney.

Deportivo, for its part, asked for the suspension of Segunda and the descent of Fuenlabrada when considering that there had been "a flagrant alteration" of the competition.

Wednesday 29. Statements before the instructor of the case

To issue a resolution on the Dépor party – 'Fuenla' the instructor of the RFEF case asked for the statement of Praena, Sandoval and Fraile president, coach and player of the Fuenlabrda, respectively.

In addition to these testimonies, he also requested a report from the hotel where the team was confined and from the airline that gave them He took it to A Coruña in order to collect all the necessary data before issuing a resolution. However, the team delayed these statements by presenting a challenge against Judge Ricardo Esteban Díaz, the instructor, by pointing out that he had ties to a member of the Dépor board.

Wednesday 29. Fuenlabrada requests to play on August 2

Likewise, the Madrid team requested that their postponed game against be played on Deportivo on 2 August with the players available at that time. While Chico Flores, the player who was hospitalized, acknowledged in an interview on TVE how bad it was: " I thought I was dying ", he acknowledged.

Chico Flores: "I thought I was dying"

Thursday 30. Competition supports the judge, who proposes to give up the match to 'Fuenla'

A day later, the RFEF Competition Committee rejected the recusal of the investigating judge of the Fuenlabrada Case, requested by the club, for which reason its president, his coach and the player Hugo Fraile would have to testify before Ricardo Esteban Díaz.

Shortly after, The proposal of this instructor arrived, proposing to the Competition Committee the precautionary measure of giving the match to the Madrid team by 3-0 as lost, as RTVE could learn.

Friday the 31st. The Fuenlabrada staff returns to Madrid

The 33 members of CF Fuenlabrada have left this hotel where they have they have been confined in A Coruña since last Monday the 20th and have traveled by plane to Madrid, according to what TVE has learned.

One of the Fuenlabrada players who remained confined in A Coruña leaves the Hotel Finisterre facilities this Friday after being discharged EFE

Hours earlier, the Galician Health Service confirmed the epidemiological discharge of 33 members of the Fuenlabrada expedition after tests carried out on Thursday.

Friday the 31st. The judge does not perceive the crime of the League, Thebes and Fuenla against public health

In addition, the Investigating Court number 6 of A Coruña, in the that the three complaints that individuals have filed against LaLiga its president, Javier Tebas, and Fuenlabrada for the trip of the Madrid group to A Coruña on July 20 with cases of COVID-19 in the expedition, does not perceive a crime against public health with a requirement in the Penal Code.

The judge has initiated preliminary proceedings in case the events reported in the complaints could constitute "one or more crimes of injury or even against the rights of workers ", reports the Superior Court of Justice of Galicia.

Friday the 31st. The Federation proposes a Second of 24 teams

For its part, the RFEF proposed as a solution to the Fuenlabrada Case to create a Second Division of 24 equipment . A measure that would contemplate the permanence in the Second of Deportivo and Numancia, the two teams that descended in the last day, the Dépor, even, without actually playing their match against the 'Fuenla'.

Meanwhile, the president of the Madrid team, Jonathan Praena insisted in RNE that the responsibility did not lie with his team .

Praena: "The responsibility is not ours". Listen now.

Sunday 2. The 'Fuenla' returns to training

And while awaiting a determination on the match, Fuenlabrada returned to training after 15 days. They did them, individually, in their usual facilities.

The Fuenlabrada returns to individual training

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