Who will move Federer, Nadal and Djokovic? From Hyun Chong to Rublev and Medvedev. Part II

This is the second part of the ranking of the most talented players, not older than 25 years. The first is here . Recall we selected 15 tennis players who met at least one of three criteria: – Already in the top 20
– Have more than 1 ATP title
– At least once reached the quarter-finals at the Grand Slam tournament.
The list itself was sorted by current rating. We have already talked about most of it. Now, it's about the best. ANDREI RUBLEV (RUSSIA) Who will move Federer, Nadal and Djokovic? From Hyun Chong to Rublev and Medvedev. Part II 5 Born: 20 October 22, 1997 in Moscow
Current rating: 14
Highest rating: 14
Main achievements: 4 titles, quarter open US Open (2017)
Prize: $ 5,126,914 Rublev is another mega-talent that has been watched in Russia for a very long time. ”The champion of the junior“ Roland Garros ”-2014 already in 2017, in At the age of 19, he took the first title (in Umag) and reached the US Open quarter-finals. Further progress was prevented by injuries – Andrei lost a lot of time due to problems with his back and arm. He could regain shape and add sharply only last summer, having gone to the final in Hamburg, and after defeating Federer at the Masters in Cincinnati. Autumn Rublev won the Kremlin Cup and began the new season with two titles in a row – in Doha and Adelaide. Plus on The Australian Open confidently made its way into the fourth round, where fatigue finally affected, and the young Muscovite could not cope with Zverev. Given the form in which Andrei was in, he had every chance of already being in the top 10 – if they hadn’t interrupted the season, but knowing Rublev’s fanatic devotion to tennis (it seems that in his present life there are no more interests besides his favorite game), his dedication, his ability to work on himself and his phenomenal talent, there is no doubt – there will be a dozen Russians. And he will collect plenty of major titles. The main thing is to avoid injuries. “Want to know who will definitely surprise this year?” Take a look at Andrei! ” – Federer said in the winter. And Roger rarely makes mistakes in his predictions. MATTEO BERRETTINI (ITALY) Who will move Federer, Nadal and Djokovic? From Hyun Chong to Rublev and Medvedev. Part II 6 12: [bornonApril
on 19: Rome (24 years old)
Current rating: 8
Highest rating: 8
Main achievements: 3 titles, US Open semi-final ( 2019)
Prizes: $ 4,418,836Berrettini somehow burst into the elite. Until recently, nobody except Italy really heard about him. Two years ago, Matteo was not in a hundred (and this is aged 22 years old), he played Challengers last spring, but closer to summer a breakthrough began. Three finals, two titles, access to the US Open semifinals (failed to cope with Nadal) and Masters in Shanghai (lost to Zverev) – and now Berrettini is already among the participants of the ATP Final Championship! And at the same time – the eighth racket of the planet. A groin injury at the end of the year temporarily removed him from the game – in a new Matoneo played only two matches. We will see how the long break will affect the Italian. And will not disappear if somewhere his trump card – no, not physical strength and variety of punches, but some prohibitive stability Alexander Zverev (Germany) Who will move Federer, Nadal and Djokovic? From Hyun Chong to Rublev and Medvedev. Part II 7 Born: April 20, 1997 in Hamburg (23 years old)
Current rating: 7
Highest rating : 3
Major achievements: 11 titles, including 3 Masters (Rome 2017, Montreal 2017, Madrid 2018) and Final Championship (2018); Roland Garros quarter-final (2018, 2019) , Australian Open semifinal (2020)
Prize: $ 21 012 015 Anyway, Zverev is the main star in this list, with the prefix “top” and without any additional words, like “potential” and “promising” ". Sasha earlier than others made his way into the elite, managed to gain a foothold in it and continues to be in it now. Yes, on the seventh line of the rating, and not on the third th, as before, which gave many a reason to talk about a “step back”, but … Are you serious? Zverev already in 19 years, in 2016, played three finals, took the first title (in St. Petersburg) and made his way to the top 20 . In 2017, in the final of Rome, he defeated Djokovic, and in Montreal – Federer, ending the season with the third racket of the planet. In 2018, he won the ATP Final Championship. And last year in London, he finally defeated Nadal for the first time. Yes, there was a slight decrease in the results, hence the slight drop in the rating. But the fact that Zverev is one of the best players on the planet, he again convincingly showed at the Australian Open 2020, reaching the semifinals and fighting Dominic Tim (who almost defeated Djokovic in the final) .In addition, the Russian German demonstrated that, it seems that he closed his main weakness – a slurred game on the "Grand Slams", for which he was often kicked earlier. With psychology, Zverev has order, with technology and physics, too, and the experience of fighting at the highest level is much greater than that of other “non-xstgens”. It is not surprising that even despite the impressive progress of Medvedev, Tsitsipas, Rublev and many others, it is Alexander who is most often called the guy who will take his Helmet first and become the leader of the rating. STEFANOS TSITSIPAS (GREECE) Who will move Federer, Nadal and Djokovic? From Hyun Chong to Rublev and Medvedev. Part II 8 Born: August 12, 1998 in Athens (21 years old)
Current rating: 6
Highest rating: 5
Main achievements: 5 titles, including ATP Final Championship (2019); Australian Open (2019) semi-final
Prizes: $ 11,236,215Stef made a big statement about himself when he defeated four top 10 tennis players in a row at the Masters in Toronto in 2018 (Tim, Djokovic, Zverev, Anderson) that no one had succeeded at such a young age! , on the day of the 20th anniversary of the Greek (whose mother, recall, is Russian woman Julia Salnikova, and grandfather is the Olympic champion in Melbourne- 1956 football Sergei Salnikov) Rafa Nadal did not give him a gift in the form of a title, leaving the final for himself. Nevertheless, it became clear that a new star was born. Tsitsipas continued to gain momentum, began the 2019 season with the Australian Open semi-final (where he beat Federer, but lost to Nadal), and ended up winning the ATP Final tournament and as the fifth racket of the planet. Stefanos is a universal player, equally strong on all surfaces and without any pronounced weaknesses. In the history of tennis there was already one Greek who achieved incredible success – Pete Sampras (if you did not know, Pete has Greek roots). Now many are thinking – will Tsitsipas be able to rise to the same level? He has a common opinion – he has a chance. DANIIL MEDVEDEV Who will move Federer, Nadal and Djokovic? From Hyun Chong to Rublev and Medvedev. Part II 9 Born: February 11, 1996 in Moscow (24 years)
Current rating: 5
Highest rating: 4
Major achievements : 7 titles, including 2 Masters (Cincinnati -2019, Shanghai-2019); US Open final (2019)
Prize: $ 11,230,233From the top three Russian talents of his generation, Medvedev later came to the attention of ordinary fans. He was not given a wild card They didn’t get to the Kremlin Cup at the age of 17, like Rubleva and Khachanov. At this age, Daniel combined performances at tournaments with studies at MGIMO and collected money for a career through social networks. Nevertheless, now he is the highest in the ranking on this list, and he was closer than the others to victory at the Grand Slam, having played the final in New York last year. Ah, what was the finale! in – an amazing tennis player. With inimitable, clumsy-looking technique. With incredible impenetrability and stability. With phenomenal for its growth speed and coordination. With a rare ability to change the game during the match so as to disarm even the best rivals (a victory over Djokovic in Cincinnati and a five-set match with Nadal in New York – as a vivid example). A serious minus of Daniel, with whom he is still struggling, is psychological instability and excessive emotionality, because of which he often fell into scandals at the early stage of his career, and which he did not completely get rid of even now (remember at least the middle finger to the stands in one of the matches during the US Open). Yes, this adds him a hype, but sometimes it hurts tennis. When Medvedev finally gets rid of such manifestations of emotions, or reduces their number to a minimum (you can still let off steam two or three times a year), then it will turn into a real machine. And that means he will get every chance to become the best in the world. For a long time.

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