"When I played at River nobody wanted to come" | River Plate

"When I played at River nobody wanted to come" | River Plate 5

Nadir Ghazal


Daniel Vega spent neither more nor less than six years at River, but his stage coincided with the toughest sporting period that the club went through throughout its history. The goalkeeper was part of the squad that fell from category, and was also the protagonist during the season in which the promotion was achieved. Almost a decade after that, he remembers with great sincerity and rawness his time at the club, and explains the reasons why the majority of the players turned their backs on putting on the red band.

"Everyone is dying to play in the current River, who would not like it? But in the River that I played, no one wanted to come, it was really difficult ," said the Indian in dialogue with Olé. And he added about his experience in Núñez: "After all we lived going back to First, today it is admirable to see River with all that it achieved, and how the institution was consolidated and grew. Hopefully we have learned from everything that happened at the time before descending, and how to manage the club so that the same thing does not happen again. "

And what is the balance that Vega makes of his time in River? "I know that I was not the best. Right or wrong, I gave everything. Obviously, goalkeepers have passed who have saved much better, and have won several titles. I am left with the recognition of having been in a difficult time, and contributing my grain of sand. I enjoyed it and suffered, with many situations. But I am left with the fact of having played and dressed the shirt I wanted since childhood, with great pride. "

Finally, the 36-year-old goalkeeper who serves in the San José Earthquakes of the MLS praised Gallardo, and acknowledged that he was surprised by his great career as DT. " I was a partner of Marcelo, I never imagined that he would become what he is today. He left in a way, he had no farewell. But he could reverse the situation. Return to River as DT, win and be such an important person, the truth is something to admire. "

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