What sports can be practiced depending on the phase you are in?



The progressive de-escalation of the country as the fight against the pandemic progresses will allow important developments in many parts of Spain, whose entry into phase 2 will open up the options for outdoor sports as it did a few weeks ago with those who entered phase 1.

One of the great novelties for phase 2, in which almost half is already of the country, it is the one of to be able to go to the sports pools to practice swimming. It will have to be done, however, by appointment and with a very limited capacity, which will allow only one person per street at any time.

As for the gyms which in phase 1 could already open by appointment for their individual use, will be able to breathe a little more, since that capacity is increased to 30 percent , but the appointment request will still be essential to access the center.

On the other hand, the time bands that were used to do outdoor sports were eliminated which now -in the parts that are already in Phase 2- can be done throughout the day except in the bands reserved for people over 70 (from 10-12 and 19-20). In any case, the competence to decide the schedules remains in the hands of the communities and municipalities.

The main question about sport lies in what will happen with paddle tennis and tennis sports that could already be practiced in their individual modality in phase 1, but which are at the Waiting for the government to give them the green light to play in its version of doubles, the most practiced in paddle tennis, for example. Those responsible await a rectification by the Government between the measures published today in the BOE .

Federated athletes, in addition, may move as they wish in phase 2 to go to their sports or training centers, but always without exceeding the limits of their province.

Novelties in phase 1

For the territories that will enter phase 1 on Monday (Madrid, Castilla y León and some parts of Catalonia) sport takes on a new dimension. You can access the gyms that want to open their doors but always by appointment and for individual use of the facilities. The same is also the case with sports centers, whose opening will allow individual access to do sports without contact and without the option of using the common areas.

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Remember that the mandatory use of the mask in public spaces does not affect sport since it is not necessary to carry it while practicing any athletic modality that requires effort. It does have to be done once it's done, on the way back home.

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