What is the best river in Gallardo? | River Plate

 The Millionaire Page

The Millionaire Page

15:20 pm

One of the many virtues that characterizes Marcelo Gallardo is to have assembled large and successful teams throughout his almost 6 years as DT in the club and with different rosters he has never ceased to be highly competitive. That is why "LPM TV" encourages us to debate about which has been the best of all those ensembles.

Every Friday at 6:00 pm and on La Millionaire Page, a well-debated riverplatense debate will be released in which the vote and opinion of the fans are needed. What was the best river in Gallardo for you?

During the week, through the same channels, there will be a new slogan to debate and the results will be revealed next Sunday by https://www.fwtv.tv/. Don't stay out and give us your opinion, Millionaire!

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