What did the prosecutor say about the complaint to the Tecla Farías? | River Plate

What did the prosecutor say about the complaint to the Tecla Farías? | River Plate

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Ernesto Farías, former River forward and who currently works in the club's Lower, was denounced this Sunday in La Plata for gender violence by a 23-year-old woman. El Tecla attended a meeting where there was one more man and two women, and the case also includes a counter-complaint in which he accuses Nadia Denise Figueroa of assaulting those present, and causing damage to the property where they were.

In this context, the prosecutor in the case Juan Cruz Condomí Alcorta spoke in TN and told how the situation is currently. There he stated that the circumstances are still unclear, and that new statements will be taken from the accused because one of the versions is that the aggressor was not Farías, but the other male.

"There are two accusations that are crossed in the case. The woman accuses that after a meeting that occurred yesterday there was an altercation, and she was attacked and beaten. And Farías accuses the woman of having attacked the other man who was I was on the spot, and that she caused property damage. I will have to study each case to get to the truth of the matter. " And he added in this regard: "Surveys were made to both people, and they have scratches produced by some blow or rub. They have already testified at the police station, but then I want to listen again to those involved in the Prosecutor's Office."

Farías was also denounced for having failed to comply with the mandatory isolation, and Federal Justice will intervene there

It should also be noted that Farías, along with the others present, suffered a new complaint for having broken the mandatory isolation. "For the reason of the breaking of the quarantine, it is a crime that the police acted ex officio, since it is a meeting that is not allowed. There a case was formed where Federal Justice must intervene," he added.

River so far has not made any decision in this regard and has not yet been publicly expressed in an official statement, so the contractual situation of the Tecla in the club is still unknown. Farías is an assistant in the Inferiores, where he is in charge of polishing the individualized technique of the young people who train in the Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Divisions.

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