Werner has one foot at Chelsea, Lokomotiv finally has good news, Bragin will lead the team

Werner has one foot at Chelsea, Lokomotiv finally has good news, Bragin will lead the team 5
Chelsea has become a favorite in the fight for Werner Chelsea is a favorite in the fight for the Leipzig striker Timo Werner. Kicker reports that the transfer will be made next week. The London club offers a 24-year-old German a five-year contract with a salary of 10 million euros per season. And the transfer amount may be about 60 million euros. This amount of compensation is specified in Werner's current contract with the “red bulls,” but the transition should be completed by June 15, 2020. More recently, Liverpool was in the lead in the transfer race for Werner by a wide margin. However, bookmakers are now evaluating Chelsea's odds no worse. If more recently, the fact that Werner will move to the "aristocracy", the coefficient was 12.5, but now it has grown to 2.5. On the contrary, a competitor from England fell from 1.4 to 2.3. According to foreign media reports, Liverpool head coach Jurgen Klopp even had a conversation with Timo about his possible transfer, and the player allegedly agreed to move. This season, Werner played 40 matches for Leipzig in various tournaments and scored 31 goals. In the German championship, he has 29 games and 25 goals. Until 2016, the forward played for Stuttgart, and Leipzig paid EUR 14 million for the transfer of the promising forward. The Werner contract with the club is valid until June 30, 2023. LOCO: JOAU MARIO REMAINS, BAKER COMES After Lokomotiv's many weeks of hassle associated with the difficult departure of his legend Yuri Semin from the club, positive news finally appeared. Midfielder João Mariu will play for Loko season. Railway workers managed to agree on an extension of the lease of the 27-year-old Portuguese. The salary will be paid to him by the Moscow club. Mariu personally spoke with the sports director of Inter, Piero Ausilio, so that the club agreed to extend the lease. Previously, there was information that the legionnaire would leave Loko on June 30 when his agreement expired. Lokomotiv rented the Portuguese in August 2019. In 15 matches, he scored one goal and 4 assists. In addition, work in Lokomotiv will receive the famous Barcelona player Jose Maria Bachero, one of the record holders for the number of matches for the Catalan club. This was announced by commentator Nobel Arustamyan in his Telegram channel: “In 2017, he headed the Barcelona Academy, and now he can move to Moscow: now a contract is being discussed with Bakero. It is possible that in the near future the Spaniard will enter the structure of the Lokomotiv Academy and take the post of technical director of the club. ” It is said that current Barcelona sports director Eric Abidal recommended Bakero during his visit to Moscow. CSKA TIGHTEN THE BELT CSKA Director General Roman Babaev said that the football club was faced with several sponsors leaving during the pandemic. “It is clear that this has affected all sectors. Sport, probably, suffered a little more, because it is very dependent. The trend of sponsors leaving has been observed among large clubs as well. And it affected us. But everything is objective here, we understand that colleagues now have serious problems, they are not up to advertising and investing in sports. Therefore, we are looking for other ways. ”The army, according to Babayev, will have to tighten their belts for a while, but there is no tragedy in this. The club is accustomed to overcoming difficulties that arise regularly. In April, CSKA management agreed with the players to reduce salaries by the time the training process ends: in March by 50%, in April – by 60%. With the resumption of training, football players receive 70% of the money due under contracts. With the resumption of the Russian championship, scheduled for June 19, payments will return to the previous level. Recall that this week CSKA resumed training at the base in Vatutinki. Before this, the players, coaches and club staff were tested for coronavirus. There were no cases of illness in CSKA. BRAGIN – FIRST TEAM, LARIONOV – YOUTH On Thursday, rumors spread in the media with renewed vigor that Valery Bragin this week will become the head coach of the Russian hockey team. His assistants will be Alexei Zhamnov and Rashit Davydov, who have been part of the coaching staff of the national team before. They will also be supplemented by Alexander Boykov, who helped Bragin in the youth team. The current coach of the Russian national team, Alexei Kudashov, will be transferred to the position of consultant. Currently, Bragin is the head coach of the Russian team. About castling Kudashov – Bragin speak for a long time. Suspicions that the long-term coach of the Russian youth entered the SKA headquarters and the first team for a reason and with an aim to become the main one arose immediately after Kudashov unexpectedly had a new assistant in January. This happened soon after the MFM-2020, where the Russian team took second place, giving in the final Canada, in fact, an already won match, but showing a very decent game against modern trendsetters in modern hockey. Bragin almost immediately moved to St. Petersburg. The youth team, according to a source, will receive Igor Larionov. Recall that the Professor was included in the headquarters of the youth team shortly before the start of the World Cup in December 2019. Which also became a sensation. Already then there was talk that the legendary center forward was being prepared for Bragin. As for Kudashov, according to the print version, he wants to take a break in his career for family reasons. According to other information, the SKA bosses, who are also the curators of the national team, were often dissatisfied with the game of the army team in the regular season. Questions to Kudashov also arose as a result of the team’s unconvincing game at the stages of the Eurotour, which prompts big leaders to change. NBA WILL RESUME SEASON JULY 31 ESPN Channel reports that the NBA Board of Directors voted to end the 2019/20 season with 20 involving 22 teams. Restart is scheduled for July 31 in Orlando (Florida) at one of the sites of the Disney World entertainment center. The championship resumption plan was adopted by an overwhelming majority. For – 29, against – one, this is the Potrland Trail Blazers club. New Orleans, Portland, Phoenix will join the 16 teams that were in the playoffs at the time the season stopped due to coronavirus, Sacramento, San Antonio, and Washington. Each club will play another 8 matches in the regular season. If, based on its results, between the 8th and 9th place in the table the difference is less than four victories, an additional tournament will be held between them. To qualify for the playoffs, the team from 8th place needs to win once, the team from 9th – two times. ESPN insider Adrian Wojnarovski also announced the date of the NBA draft. The league will hold a draft lottery on August 25, and the draft will take place on October 15.

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