"We'll see who is stupid in the end"

  Updated: 05/25/2020 13:47
 Related newsThe president of the French footballers' union, Philippe Piat, commented on the decision of certain European leagues, such as the German one or the Spanish one, to terminate the coronavirus and return to football as they are playing a second wave of infections. French decided to end Ligue 1 on April 10, with 10 games to go and giving the title to Paris Saint-Germain. An election that drew criticism from various clubs. Olympique Lyonnais president Jean-Michel Aulas was one of the most direct in criticizing the decision as "stupid." The Bundesliga has already started its return to the pitch with games behind closed doors; the Spanish League awaits the green light from the Government to recover the remaining games, while England also takes steps to continue the game with government directives. "We will see in the end who the stupid is," exclaimed Philippe Piat, in an interview with "L'Equipe". «It is true that if everyone returns, the question may be: why not France? But I don't know under what conditions they will return to Spain, or if other countries have been as careful as us. We did not have the guarantee of being able to carry out tests regularly, and did not want to have the favor above the rest of the population, at the risk of being regarded as privileged . Also, what happens if there are players who test positive? ”Piat added that while the rates of coronavirus infection are falling, there is always a possibility of future outbreaks. “I have a feeling that the first wave of the Covid-19 has already been left behind. But there will always be the doubt of a second one. Those who start the leagues now are playing more contagions in the future . ”Topics

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