We are waiting for Wagner Love in CSKA. The contract can already be confirmed today

We are waiting for Wagner Love in CSKA. The contract can already be confirmed today 5
WHERE WILL THE WAGNER APPEAR? The story of the possible return of Wagner Love to CSKA continues to gain momentum, but clarity promises to come today. At least the Brazilian himself, who broke off relations with Corinthians on Saturday, said: “I’ll find out where I will play on Monday.” According to insiders (in particular, Nobel Arustamyan), Wagner may conclude a one-year contract with CSKA. Opinions about whether the 35-year-old striker need the army team differ. Jiri Yaroshik – another former red-blue player who left CSKA the same year when the Brazilian appeared there (in 2004), admitted without false modesty: – Much will depend on those players whom the Moscow club will buy or rent . We need to wait, but I hope that CSKA will choose football players like my generation, RIA Novosti quoted the Czech as saying. This, however, is more about the qualities of the players, and not about age. But who knows what exactly Yaroshik had in mind? Another ex-star of CSKA, Roland Gusev, remembered Lava with special warmth. – Wagner is the best legionnaire in my memory. He could not train for two weeks, and then go out and score two goals for Spartak. If such a person appears in the team, then this will only be a plus. Another question is what form it is in. Still, Lava is already 35 years old, and there are no miracles, ”said Roland. But the Portuguese agent Paulo Barbosa shared his doubts about the fact that the Brazilian will return to the army. – I'm not sure that CSKA is thinking about it now. The club focuses on young players, so the possible transition of Wagner raises big questions. And in any case, it seems to me that CSKA will not lose anything if Love does not return, ”RIA Novosti quoted Barboza as saying. In general, you can talk a lot. But, apparently, we won’t have to guess for a long time. We will be patient – perhaps in a couple of hours, an end will be put in this matter. BAKAEV WINS CORONAVIRUS Another football news – Spartak midfielder Zelimkhan Bakaev fully recovered after being infected with coronavirus and has already started training. Recall that he was diagnosed not so long ago – on May 21. But on Sunday, the club’s press service reported that Bakayev’s two tests done within 24 hours gave a negative result on covid-19. That speaks of the athlete’s absolute recovery. – It was something with something! – shared the experienced Zelimkhan. – It’s like I fell into a hole. But it’s good that the partners supported me. Just like trainers, parents, friends. I suffered more easily than could have happened. And now I understand why you need to obey the doctors. Although I didn’t walk myself, I didn’t walk, but still I caught this infection somewhere. Now I will be even more careful. TRUSOVA OFFICIALLY AT PLUSHCHENKO The sensational transition of the figure skater Alexandra Trusova to the school of Evgeni Plushenko is now officially registered. I mean, it was approved by the Moscow Figure Skating Federation. In addition to Trusova herself from Sambo-70, to which she belonged, training with Eteri Tutberidze, Veronika Zhilina went to the Plushenko Academy. The list of athletes who have changed their membership in sports organizations is not limited to the two of them, but we have listed the loudest surnames. Recall that the separation of the 15-year-old Trusova from Tutberidze became known on May 6. Then this news generated a wave of reasoning and various discussions on the topic of what prompted Alexander to leave the most successful coach of our time in women's single skating. Now we just have to watch whether she will be able to repeat her results with the Plushenko team. Or – what Trusova herself is surely striving for – to improve them. While the girl at the adult level in the asset – the bronze of the Grand Prix finals, European Championships and Russian Championships. MACGREGOR took offense at the UFC Conor McGregor, who completed his career (again!), Did not hide from the press the motives for such a decision. And he publicly complained about the conflict with the UFC. Which, allegedly, was not too interested in organizing cool fights for the Irishman. “To be honest, I lost interest,” McGregor admitted. – I look at the options, and I understand that there is not a single fighter that I really would like to fight with. The UFC should have acted differently. They postpone the battle of Habib and Gatji to September, but you know that in September it will not be. I proposed my plan of action, but they constantly pushed me, instead of organizing my fight with Justin for a temporary title. Ultimately, I got tired of these bickering. SEED BECAME … FATHER Well, another Sunday’s much talked about news – runner Caster Semenia, Olympic champion in London and Rio at a distance of 800 m, became … father. Yes, that sounds especially funny amid suspicions that Caster is actually a man. Formally, her marriage to Violet Rasseboy, concluded in 2015, is considered same-sex, but is it so in fact – so many people doubt it. The very wife of the athlete in social networks calls herself Ora's mom – apparently, this is the name of the girl who was born in this family a few months ago (according to the Daily Sun). Semen also uploads photographs of children's clothing and sneakers on their pages. Information about who is the biological father of the baby, of course, no. After all, even if Caster is a man, it is hardly her. Although … Who knows them there? Maybe the runner missed the 2019 World Cup in Doha for a reason. According to the new IAAF rules, athletes performing at distances over 400 m should lower testosterone levels to 5 nmol / L – if necessary, with hormonal drugs. Namely, the overwhelming indicators of the male hormone in the body of Semen during the entire career of the two-time Olympic champion and provoke all sorts of speculation about her gender. Who knows why she did not underestimate testosterone even for the World Cup? Could it be for the appearance of Ora?

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