"We are waiting for Scocco's decision" | River Plate

"We are waiting for Scocco's decision" | River Plate 5

Federico Del Rio

19:03 pm

The countdown to June 30 places the continuity of Ignacio Scocco as the highest priority issue for the future of the River campus. The striker will be free at the end of the month and in Núñez they have already indicated the intention for him to continue, although the footballer himself is the one who did not define what he will do. "We have to wait for Nacho to make his decision. We are in a stand so there is no rush. We are waiting. He said he was going to tell us … He will be talking to his family. For the moment We have nothing to say, "said Enzo Francescoli regarding Nacho's future.

The technical secretary was calm about this situation, perhaps because the final determination is not within his reach. "He is looking at his future. If being closer to his city or staying here, which is fine. Except for the patience of the fan, there is nothing that forces things to accelerate, so we will wait," added the Uruguayan in an interview. with TNT Sports. Meanwhile, the striker continues to comply with the quarantine at his Hughes home, Santa Fe, and from his environment they assure that in the next few days he will already make his election public.

Enzo Francescoli hand in hand with #TNTSportsEnCasa "We are waiting for Nacho Scocco to make his decision, we are on a stand, there is no rush"
"He said he was going to warn us, he must be talking to his family "
" This parate does not speed things up, on the contrary "pic.twitter.com/E4v2nCq15k— TNT Sports LA (en ) (@TNTSportsLA)
June 9, 2020

As for the rest of the movements on Gallardo's campus, Francescoli was very cautious . He discarded exits for the moment, since no official offer has come and "because it is not known what the market will be like after all this that is happening around the world. He also put cold cloths on the statements of the representative of Lucas Pratto, who had proposed a possible exit from the Bear and the only concrete thing was the confirmation that they will renew the loans to Germán Lux and Enrique Bologna : "They have worked very well, they are part of the group, they are very professionals. For the club, the idea is to continue. "

I join Francescoli hand in hand with #TNTSportsEnCasa "Scocco is thinking what he wants to do, they are decisions that go through personal life"
"I am not worried about the statements of the representative of Lucas Pratto, he is fine en River "pic.twitter.com/7EtpYhpYLJ— TNT Sports LA (en ) (@TNTSportsLA)
June 9, 2020

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