Wayne Rooney explodes against the Government and the Premier for not having stopped before

S. D.
  Updated: 03/15/2020 18:15
  Wayne Rooney a veteran Derby County forward and historic footballer for the Premier League harshly criticized the English authorities and the football league for delaying the decision to stop games so long on the occasion of the coronavirus. The Premier did not stop until confirmation of the positive from Mikel Arteta, Spanish coach of Arsenal last Friday. A delay that Rooney does not understand and criticizes harshly in his column in the 'Sunday Times'. «Why do we wait until Friday? Why did Mikel Arteta have to get sick in order for England to make the right decision? "Asked the former Manchester United footballer." For us players, the coaching staff and our families, the week has been worrying and we have noticed a great lack of leadership by the government, the English Federation (FA) and the Premier League. After an emergency meeting the correct decision was finally made. Until then footballers in England were treated like guinea pigs "wrote Rooney." If any of my family were infected through me because I had to play when it was not safe and become seriously ill, I would have to think hard about playing again. The authorities would never forgive him, "he added." The other sports, tennis, F1, rugby, golf, soccer in other countries … were closing and we were told to continue. Many footballers wondered: 'Does all this have to do with money?' Fortunately, football finally made the right decision and has been suspended. If people's lives are in danger, it must come first ", he concluded.

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