Vladimir Drachev – on the appointment of national team coaches: It was not me who won, but common sense

President of the Russian Biathlon Union Vladimir Drachev talked about why the RBU still refused to approve work with the national teams of the country, Valery Polkhovsky, Robert Kabukov and Vladimir Korolkevich. “That information regarding these specialists, which was owned by both the press and the Ministry of Sports, was carefully examined from all angles,” said Drachev in an interview with RIA Novosti. – And at the moment, common sense, first of all, consisted in my words that these are not the coaches who should work with the national team, he won. I emphasize that it was not Drachev who won, this common sense won. , domestic coaches should work with the team, and secondly, if changes were necessary, they were made. And they were done positively and correctly. We added one of the best ski trainers, Kaminsky Yuri Mikhailovich, who brought many athletes to the Olympic podium. And we added one of the best female biathlon trainers, Mikhail Shashilov, who nevertheless agreed to become a head coach women's team, especially considering all the troubles that occur in the team. He agreed, and this is a very correct decision. ”Today, Yuri Kaminsky and Mikhail Shashilov, respectively, were approved as senior coaches of the Russian men's and women's national teams. Earlier, the SBR board recommended Vladimir Korolkevich and Robert Kabukov to these posts. Kaminsky had not worked with biathletes before, but trained skiers. In particular, he prepared Russian sprinters for the Olympics in Sochi, and in recent years he worked with skiers of the Kazakhstan national team. Shashilov worked with biathletes in the Sverdlovsk region. Among his students, Svetlana Mironova and two-time world champion among juniors in 2020 Anastasia Shevchenko. The post of head coach of the national team remained vacant. The vice-president of the SBR Valery Polkhovsky claimed this place.

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