Van Persie reveals that Van Gaal slapped him in the 2014 World Cup

S. D. | EFE
  Updated: 05/25/2020 09:34
 The ex-soccer player Robin van Persie reveals in the last biography of Louis van Gaal that the ex-selector slapped him after the extension of the Netherlands-Costa Rica, corresponding to the quarterfinals of 2014 World Cup because he refused to be substituted in overtime. The game ended 0-0 and the striker suffered a cramp after the first ten minutes of overtime, a circumstance that Van Gaal warned of. The coach told him that he was going to replace him, but Van Persie refused due to the possibility that the tie would be decided on penalties. “When the extension ended, we got together in the band and suddenly he slapped me. Bang! Then with a flat hand he patted me and said angrily, 'Don't ever do that again,' "Van Persie said in statements collected by the Dutch magazine 'Voetbal International' and taken from the recently published biography 'LvG, the trainer and the person' . Van Gaal then ordered the striker not to fail from eleven meters. "Now forget it and be sure to score the penalty," he added angrily . Van Persie did not disappoint his people and beat Real Madrid's exporter Keylor Navas with a low blow, the first Dutch goal from a penalty shootout that ended 4-3 and gave the Netherlands the classification for the semifinal of the 2014 World Cup. Topics

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