Valery Karpin: 10 percent of spectators in the stands are better than nothing

Valery Karpin spoke about the first training sessions for Rostov players after a long break, and also commented on the upcoming resumption of the Russian championship. “It is clear that the guys missed the field, the ball, and each other,” Karpin said in an interview with YouTube on FC Rostov. – We trained in small groups, plus-minus training was held in the general group. There was a slight separation, because someone was better prepared and someone worse. The first training is always happy. That's when the loads go higher, it will be harder, and the mood will not be so positive. There are difficulties in everything. This is the first time for everyone. We prepared, approached March in good shape, played three games – and immediately a break. From the point of view of psychology, it was not clear whether we would continue the season or not. It’s hard for football players to keep themselves in good shape at home. Nobody knows how the body will respond to this pause, especially with the loads that will be in the season. Play eight games a month – no one was specially prepared for this, there is not much time. Yes, the players came in good condition in terms of tonus and weight, but how will the ligaments and tendons react – it is not yet clear. Better than nothing, better than a total ban. Still, at least some surroundings, a semblance of the official game will be present. It is clear that both we and the fans would like to feel everything in full, but for now we need to take everything as it is, the situation is extraordinary. ”After 22 rounds,“ Rostov ”took fourth place. The Karpin team is 3 points behind Lokomotiv and Krasnodar, and the Rostovites will play away against FC Sochi in the first game after a long pause on June 12.19 from the leader of the Zenit championship.

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