Valentine, after the McLaren report: "It was about time"

Weightlifting Olympic and World Champion Lydia Valentín has declared herself "relieved" by the publication of the report by expert Richard McLaren according to which the federation International of that sport, the IWF, was for decades a nest of "corruption at the highest level" with cover-up, among other irregular practices, of dozens of doping cases.

" It was time for someone to uncover him. Someone has to judge him ", declared Valentin this Monday in the TDP Club program. "Whatever happens, I prefer the truth to come out and then the truth to be acted upon," added the Spaniard, who considers herself "one of the athletes most affected by doping in the world".

Valentin has told TVE that for many years he has felt helpless when he knew that he did not face "on equal terms" with rivals from countries where weightlifting is a power: "They had support that in Spain you do not have because here we do not ( ) guide that dirt. " "I have been very handicapped, even crying with rage" added the athlete who only last year was able to receive the gold medal for her performance at the London 2012 Games, after that years later the positives of the three competitors who had risen to the podium were confirmed.

"It is a relief that reality is uncovered", he insisted, before settling the issue with a wish: "That we who do this sport with dedication, without shortcuts, clean, let's float ".

Last Thursday a devastating report was published that brought to light the corrupt practices that reigned in the Federation Weightlifting International (IWF) during Hungarian Tamás Aján's tenure, which ended earlier this year. In addition to the cover-up of at least 40 doping cases, including world medalists, there was also evidence of the massive diversion of funds for their own benefit.

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The report was commissioned by the new IWF leadership to the Canadian McLaren, the same one who directed the report on the fabric of State doping in Russia . The Spanish federation has supported this research and hopes that it will be an opportunity to regenerate the institutions of this sport.

Covert doping and corruption in the International Weightlifting Federation

Europeans and Games in sight

On the other hand, Valentin has said that during the past months of confinement he was able to continue training although "at a very different rate", what he used to "rest". He has highly valued this fact "after a few years of hustle and bustle, many competitions."

After resuming training at the High Performance Center in Madrid where this Monday he received the visit of the Kings the Leon has said that now she has "clear" objectives: in the short term, the European Championship in late October; and later, the Tokyo Games.

Valentine will look at the Japanese event, postponed to next year by the pandemic, for his fourth Olympic medal, after the silver of Beijing 2008 (which was also delivered years later after the subsequent disqualification of three rivals), and the bronze of Rio 2016.

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