UEFA's plan to play the Champions League and the Europa League: the two tournaments will be completed in August

UEFA's plan to play the Champions League and the Europa League: the two tournaments will be completed in August 5

Little by little, football matches are starting to return in Europe and the return of the sport is a reality in four of the five main leagues. They are "356 the matches that will take place in June between the Italian, the Spanish, the German league and the Premier League matches", explained this afternoon the journalist Fernando Czyz.
In addition, he explained that there will be no rest for European football since " the League begins on June 11, the Premier on 17, Calcium on 20 and from then on four of the five most important leagues will be playing." In this sense, UEFA wants the major European leagues to end their seasons before August 1.
"This generates at least concern with the issue of injuries," said Czyz, who gave as an example the case of Spain where for a whole month he will have at least one game per day. Why the UEFA trouble? In August the Champions League and the Europa League will be defined and that is why the leagues have until the 1st of that month to finish, which is why it will be played every Sunday and Wednesday.
The rush to finish is because "when UEFA began to diagram how to return, it gave two months to finish the leagues and all the internal cups. The organization wants to have the full month of August to end the two continental tournaments because in September the 2020/2021 season. This was diagrammed and everything was very compact. " added Czyz.
The UEFA Council has to decide on Wednesday in a virtual meeting whether the matches from the quarterfinals of the two continental tournaments will be played in a single match or round trip. The truth is that this week the fixture will be closed with a large number of games.
The matches would start on August 2 and 3 (Champions and UEFA Europa League) and the Europa League would end on the 26th and the Champions League on the 29th. "The venue for the Champions League final should be Turkey, but the future of the coronavirus will have to be seen." Said the journalist, who announced that this calendar would not allow another stop due to the virus.
The idea is that the Champions League final will be played on August 29, so the champion and finalist will not have much rest until the start of the next league that would start in September.

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