UEFA "strongly recommends" that leagues and cups end



The UEFA has recommended to the representatives of the 55 member associations with whom they met by videoconference this Tuesday, to end the national First Division and Cup competitions , canceled at the moment due to the health crisis caused by the spread of coronavirus throughout the continent.

In a statement issued after the meeting with the different federations, UEFA explains that "presented an update on the options being studied by the two working groups that were created in mid-March" for both the competitions of national competitions as of clubs, although in the same one does not specify.

Announces that "it was strongly recommended that national league and cup competitions be terminated", but opens the door to cancellations provided that resumes of the championships are not possible: "Some special cases will be heard once they have been developed guidelines for participation in European competitions in the event of a league being canceled. " He notes that decisions on all these issues will be officially announced after the Executive Committee to be held on Thursday.

Ceferin: "Better to play without spectators than not to play at all"

Aleksander Ceferin, UEFA president, commented on Monday in an interview with the Italian newspaper ' Corriere della Sera 'that it was "better to play without spectators than not to play at all", was optimistic about the options to resume and finish the leagues before September but denied that there was a deadline.

Likewise, the communiqué explains that "the financing of national federations through the UEFA Hat Trick program was also debated", which reiterated "its commitment to meet payments to member federations, as was planned ".


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