UEFA Nations League: Ferran Torres, the wonder who wants to be like Cristiano Football News

With the hat-trick against Germany he rounded off his explosion in the elite with 20 years. Shine with City in the Champions League and the 25 million paid to Valencia are already a bargain

 Luis Enrique congratulates Ferran on his three goals.

Luis Enrique congratulates Ferran on his three goals.

I am the best, I want to be the best and I work to be the best. Ferran Torres that phrase has been repeated every day since the age of 11. Before that message from a 20-year-old boy there are those who twist the gesture. Too much pride, a sin that is not usually forgiven. No, is not that. It is only determination, the gasoline that fuels the speed of the young player who amazes Europe and who on Tuesday treasured the ball with which he scored three goals against Germany as if it were a trophy. It was. Only Michael Owen had been

capable of doing a

hat trick



and a boy from Foios, a town in the Valencian garden, had just caught up with him.
Ferran's explosion was stunning, but not unexpected. Valencia, where he grew up and whose titles he celebrated as a child and as a player, was unable to retain him. I hesitated too much. Two nominations for

Golden Boy

to be the 20-year-old player born in Spain with the highest market value, the first to score in Champions, image of


… His contract until 2021 forced a club in crisis to an inevitable sale: the

Manchester City

took it for 25 million fixed and 12 in variables. A bargain. Its price today, according to Transfermarkt, is 45 million euros, and rising.


was not sorry for the feeling of permanence and decided not to renew. He kept in mind that he wanted to be the best and Valencia showed signs of not accompanying him in his growth, even less after a pandemic that directly affected his body and his career. Saba was in the crosshairs of

Luis Enrique

with the Eurocup and the Tokyo Games on the horizon, and Pep Guardiola provided guarantees.
He left without looking back, criticizing part of the Valencia dressing room and expressing the desire to fight to be a day like

Cristiano Ronaldo

. The Portuguese is not his idol, David Villa has always been, but he is a professional benchmark, that not everything has to be trusted to innate conditions. In his case speed, dribble and hit. The gym has become his refuge, even in concentrations with the selection.

Obsessed with the physicist

While he was quarantined to be able to travel to Manchester, he took refuge in Cascais (Portugal) with his physical trainer,

Alberto Pardo

to strengthen his physique. He must prepare to crash in the Premier League. Sand circuits, sit-ups, push-ups, resistance kite races … Everything you need to get ready at Etihad Stadium. He didn't want it to happen to him like he was 12, when he grew 5 inches in one summer and became a gangly preteen who struggled to regain his skills. The rest forced by a mononucleosis gave him the necessary time to do it. And from that Infantil A, its projection has been unstoppable until the

hat trick

of La Cartuja.
Life alone in Manchester, the remoteness of his dogs, Mini and Lluna, and of his sister


have not been an obstacle. Assuming the inheritance of number 21 from Silva was quite a statement. His English has taken off and has not only made friends with the Spanish clan (


Eric Garca


Adri Bernab

), but has also befriended



Phil Foden

. Its adaptation has been meteoric.
Ferran has a great sense of goal and is a player who really moves very well, admitted


after his goal against Porto, the first as a citizen in the Champions League. Then he scored against Marseille and Olympiakos. Three goals in 189 minutes. Pure cheek. In the EFLCup they make their debut against Burnley with a goal, an assist and a stick. He only lacks the goal in the Premier, because with Spain he is already the top scorer in the Uefa Nations League.
The one


who went to school with his heels on has his future tattooed on his skin, in English: I refuse to sink. I refuse to sink.

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