UEFA canceled the ultimatum, the Dutch canceled football until September 1, and Belarusian hockey was infected with the virus

UEFA canceled the ultimatum, the Dutch canceled football until September 1, and Belarusian hockey was infected with the virus 5
UEFA RECOMMENDED TO SEPAATE THE SEASON On Tuesday, UEFA held a video conference and representatives were discussing with 55 season. The organization strongly recommended to finish the national championships. However, if earlier this was done in an almost ultimatum tone, with threats for those who disobey, as an exception to European cups, now UEFA seems to have softened its stance, saying that if the domestic championships stop, it will develop certain principles for teams to participate in European tournaments . Recall that the first in Europe decided to complete the “cropped” championship of Belgium, despite the recommendations of the UEFA to do everything centrally. The country’s championship was stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic, and the league’s board of directors approved this decision at a general meeting, but most countries held out for a long time, although calls to end the season were heard in different parts of the Old World almost daily. Including in Russia, where the initiators of the abolition of the replay are the bosses of Spartak and Ural. Unity in this matter is still not observed, and this is understandable. For example, England and Germany are eager to complete their championships, as their clubs and leagues lose a lot of money from telecontracts due to the end of the season. But why do you need to die for those for whom the continuation of tournaments without spectators promises only losses and unnecessary risks? THE PREMIER OF THE NETHERLANDS CANCELED SPORTS TO AUTUMN It was no coincidence that the Belgian neighbors also yesterday decided not to play football in the near future. The Netherlands announced the early completion of the football season. Prime Minister Mark Rutte issued a statement stressing that the ban on sporting events will last until September 1. It is noted that the Dutch government did not support the idea of ​​the league to hold matches in the empty stands. The Royal Football Union noted that the decision to determine the champion will be made after consultation with UEFA. There are also clubs that will represent the country in European competition in the fall. The Dutch are going to use the current table, where Ajax leads. At the same time, the team from Amsterdam will most likely not be declared a champion. Ajax and AZ are likely to be announced in the qualifying tournament of the Champions League, and Feyenoord will be announced in the Europa League. It will remain to determine two more participants of the LE, as the Cup final between Utrecht and Feyenoord was not played. The decision to stop the football season was influenced by the fact that Fox Sports completely transferred money to the clubs for the sale of television rights. The last tranche of 20 million euros was transferred a few days ago. I’ve already talked about the Dutch, we’ll also inform you that yesterday Feyenoord renewed the contract with the former head coach of Zenit and the Russian team 72-year-old Dick Advocaat . The agreement is valid until mid-2021. WHO AGAINST INTERNATIONAL FOOTBALL TILL THE END OF 2021 The World Health Organization advised UEFA to cancel all international tournaments by the end of 2021. According to the Brazilian edition of Veja, the recommendation was voiced during a video conference with UEFA and leading European clubs. According to the presentation of epidemiologists, there is a risk of a new wave of coronavirus epidemic next year, so WHO believes it is reasonable to refuse football tournaments involving teams from from different countries. KOVALCHUK was called THE MOST FUNNY The NHL in the person of journalist Pavel Strizhevsky held an online conference with three Russian legionaries – striker of Pittsburgh Evgeni Malkin defenders Dmitry Orlov from Washington and Mikhail Sergachev from Tampa Bay. During the conversation they were asked to name the best Russian hockey player in the NHL in this season. Sergachev announced teammate Nikita Kucherov and Malkin with Orlov Artemy Panarin emphasizing that he was having a great season playing the first year in the new team, and that if the championship continued, then the Rangers could get into the playoffs. The most fun Malkin and Sergachev were recognized by Ilya Kovalchuk from Washington, while Evgeny added Nikita Gusev from New Jersey and Mikhail is again a partner, goalkeeper of Tampa Andrei Vasilevsky . Orlov noted the “Chelyabinsk scumbag”, hinting at teammate Yevgeny Kuznetsov . PLAYER COVID-19 WON THE TEAM LUKASHENKO Alexander Lukashenko's partner for team. Belarusian hockey player Dmitry Meleshko passed a positive test for COVID-19. Meleshko, who played for Spartak, Salavat Yulaev and Sibir in Russia and completed his professional career in 2017, was hospitalized with a diagnosis of pneumonia. The hockey player got sick a week after the end of the amateur championship of Belarus, when the entire presidential team was already on vacation. The president’s press service reacted to the news: “Is Alexander Lukashenko feeling well? Do not wait! ”I remember, Old Man recently convinced from TV screens that the virus and hockey are incompatible things. But, as you can see, the player COVID at number 19 has other thoughts on this. Yesterday, information also came from the NEXTA telegram channel, according to which an outbreak of coronavirus was recorded in the Belarusian hockey club Neman. 23 hockey players were infected. It is noted that Valtteri Hietanen, Jonas Hurri, Sami Yekunen and Timo Hiltunen passed positive tests. Players flew to Belarus from Finland. Then goalkeeper Viktor Moiseyenko and forward Nikita Bastrykin fell ill. The youth team recorded 17 cases of infection with a dangerous infection. They intend to isolate young hockey players at the Svitanan recreation center.

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