Tottenham requests a multimillion-dollar loan against the crisis: 195 million euros

  Updated: 06/04/2020 19: 43h
 The Tottenham severely affected by the crisis caused by the new coronavirus, announced this Thursday that it resorted to loans from the public powers to alleviate the state of its finances, requesting 175 million pounds (195 million euros, 220 million dollars). "The global pandemic has created unprecedented economic and social challenges" whose "total scope and duration are unknown," the 'Spurs' explained in their statement. The Premier League was discontinued in March and this also led to the suspension of all activities at the Tottenham stadium (conference center, concerts, other sports …). The English league will resume on June 17, but at the moment there is no scheduled public presence in the stands. Tottenham decided to use the CCFF (Covid Corporate Financing Facility), a loan facility open to large companies in good financial health and having a notable contribution to the British economy. The money is borrowed from the Bank of England and "will not be used to sign players," said the London club, which is heavily indebted for the recent construction of its brand new Tottenham Hotspurs Stadium . In late March, Tottenham received significant criticism when it announced its intention to leave 550 non-player employees in the government's part-time program to receive public money for the duration of the COVID-19 crisis. Faced with the commotion generated in public opinion, the club had to back down and give up taking advantage of that program.

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