Tomorrow, general rehearsal



Saturday night. "The League begins" one week in advance. Tomorrow, Zinedine Zidane performs the general rehearsal of the return to the Spanish championship. The coach will lead a session with the white team at seven thirty in the afternoon.

Real Madrid will train tomorrow at 7:30 pm at the Alfredo Di stadium Stéfano to live their new reality. It is the same minute, the same light, the same environment and the same place of his league reappearance, on Sunday the 14th against Éibar in the charming stadium of Valdebebas, which has been technologically supported to meet the conditions of connections and lighting that allow play night games and be televised with total calm. Valencia; Zidane wants to test the sensations tomorrow with that late schedule, without public

Six days of the league will be played by Real Madrid in this field of eleven that it has to give the return to the classification and be champion. He only needs to get two more points than Barcelona to regain leadership.

The sun, the grass, the light, the secrets of the field

Zinedine is hopeful because he has twenty-four men in perfect shape and both Hazard and Asensio, seriously injured throughout the course, are in perfect magazine condition to compete as headlines from the first moment, that of seven thirty in the afternoon of Sunday, June 14, that minute, that second, that schedule that the team will rehearse tomorrow at the Valdebebas stadium, their little Bernabéu.

Injured one foot a few weeks ago, only Jovic is not now himself in a position to compete. It will be high at the beginning of July.

The team's sports manager wants the team to know Alfredo Di Stéfano well, who adapts who assumes it as his field, who knows his secret points observing where and how the sun shines at that time, its thickest grass areas, its soft spots, its hardest areas, where the ball runs best.

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