To humiliate and trample. What are WADA's true goals with regard to Russian sports

To humiliate and trample. What are WADA's true goals with regard to Russian sports 5
“RUSSIAN CASE” CORONAVIRUS IS NOT A HINDER All world sport stopped due to the coronavirus pandemic. The efforts of all states today are subordinated to one goal: to cope with the disease and maintain the health of their citizens. No anti-doping activities are carried out for objective reasons, but WADA officials continue to report on successes in the fight against Russian doping even at that moment. And this leads to suspicion. Why do they do this in such a difficult time for the whole world, including the sports one? I do not want to say in any case that we ourselves were clean and fluffy, and WADA’s claims to our athletes are completely groundless and extremely politicized. Not at all. It is impossible not to admit the obvious: Russia was fined in sport, committed anti-doping legislation violations, moreover, serious and repeated. What was – was was stupid to deny it. However, we have long admitted our guilt, we were punished by speaking at the 2018 Olympics in South Korea as athletes from Russia, without an anthem and a flag. We take steps to eliminate violations, we try to improve. We live, one might say, under the hood of WADA. But it does not calm down. This department continues to trample our sport into the mud, despite the fact that in recent years the attitude to the doping topic in Russian society has changed greatly. In Russia, when identifying new cases of doping among our athletes, they are increasingly less likely to turn their arrows to the checking side – they say that these are all provocations, and we have nothing to do with it. We have ceased to express the words of support for doping drugs with our whole world, to seek everywhere a conspiracy against the country, as it was before. A turning point in consciousness occurred. Here, it would seem, support from the structure should follow, the task of which is precisely to help correct the situation with doping in a particular society. But we see a completely different reaction. They continue to purposefully humiliate Russia, and destroy our sport. You involuntarily think about the true goals that WADA pursues in relation to the country. WHY WADA LET THESE STORIES ON BRAKES? Moreover, the World Anti-Doping Agency itself does not at all seem a fundamental supporter of tough punitive measures (as it happens with Russia) when it comes to other violations. No less high-profile. Here are just the latest stories that WADA has put on the brakes. In January 2020, the German television channel ARD released an investigation into the well-known journalist, Hayo Zeppelt, dedicated to corruption in the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF). The film showed shocking details of the long-term rule of IWF President Tamash Ayana : financial abuse, gross violations of anti-doping rules, concealment of these violations. The whole bouquet. The documentary creators did not pass by the many years of illegal activity of the Hungarian National Anti-Doping Organization, which received orders for servicing the largest international competitions in a corrupt way, and also directly participated in committing and concealing anti-doping violations right during the tournaments. Well, and how much, you think, were excited about it occasion at WADA? But no way. The officials of a reputable organization seemed to have had a fit of impotence. The agency limited itself to a press release, saying that they were worried about the release of the film and the charges brought forward. WADA decided not to conduct any investigation of its own, as it was done five years ago in relation to Russia. An investigation into the facts set forth in the Zeppelt film was initiated … by the IWF itself and at its expense. This is about the same as if the suspected of committing crimes were allowed at their own expense to conduct an investigation against themselves. This is another case. In February 2019, an Austrian skier Johannes Dürr admitted to many years of doping with the assistance of a German doctor Martin Schmidt . As it turned out, Schmidt organized an underground clinic in the German city of Erfurt and contributed to anti-doping violations among several dozen elite athletes from different countries. WADA did not even lift a finger to join the investigation. In June 2019, the BBC unveiled numerous anti-doping rule violations by one of the world's most famous athletics trainers Alberto Salazar . Including the testimony of several informants from among the athletes who trained in his group were given. Among other athletes, the specialist coached the famous British runner four-time Olympic champion Mo Faro . In October 2019, Salazar himself, as well as his doctor Jeffrey Brown were suspended for 4 years for doping violations, including the distribution of prohibited substances and the use of prohibited methods. At the same time, not a single (!) Athlete involved in Salazar did not arouse interest in WADA. Who was then supposed to use the miraculous pills, one wonders? The World Anti-Doping Agency has not attempted to initiate an investigation against the British Athletics Federation, despite repeated appearances in the British press that cite the widespread abuse of prohibited substances by British athletes … Such a different reaction to Russia and the "rest of the world" with WADA cannot but raise doubts about the bias of the agency. It has already become clear to everyone that it has a special policy against our country. The fight against anti-doping violations in the Russian case has receded into the background. Obviously political tasks have come to the front. To trample the dignity of the nation, depriving them of the right to appear under their own flag and with their own anthem. IT ISN’T ACCIDENTALLY YOU ARE NOT SUPPORTED TO THE BIGGEST LEAGUES OF THE USA What the WADA is, the serious sports business is well aware. It is no coincidence that this office is not allowed to shoot at the North American leagues, which are the pinnacle of professional sports. NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB do not recognize the competence of USADA and adopt anti-doping rules that are completely contrary to the World Anti-Doping Code. In these leagues, the most shortened list of prohibited substances is practiced, the most lenient sanctions even for the use of anabolic steroids, shortened testing periods and so on. However, it does not occur to anyone to deprive athletes from these leagues of the right to participate in the Olympics. For this reason, I recall the characteristic incident with the star of the national team of Sweden and the NHL club Washington Capitals Niklas Backstrom which took place at the 2014 Games in Sochi . On the eve of the final with Canada, the Swedish leader was disqualified. According to Backstrom, the reason for the positive result of the doping test, because of which he missed the final match of the tournament, was his cure for allergies. The NHL Vice President Bill Daily almost immediately announced that the league was not going to remove the striker from the games, despite the fact that a forbidden drug was found in Sochi in his blood. For the press, a politically correct press release was prepared. “We understand that the Niklas Backstrom doping test at the Olympics gave a positive result. But we also know that this was the result of using an allergy medication that the hockey player was consciously taking, with the permission of the team doctor. Backstrom was not going to improve his playing skills with this medicine. In addition, this substance is not included in the list of prohibited substances in the NHL. Therefore, Niklas without any restrictions will be able to play for “Washington.” But it was for the public. On the sidelines, there was talk that the WADA’s act towards one of the stars of the league infuriated the NHL bosses. And the "fighters" with doping, as well as the IOC, were allegedly told so that no one else from their office would be visible next to the locker rooms of NHL hockey players. Otherwise, the league will simply stop going to the Games. The NHLPA union of players next expressed dissatisfaction with the IOC’s decision to suspend Bakstrem from the final match of the Olympic tournament. The corresponding statement was made by Assistant Executive Director Matthew Schneider : “Everyone understands that Backstrom did not use doping. It is very strange to observe the decision, because there should be common sense, but today the representatives of the IOC did not demonstrate it. As a result, the player was deprived of one of the most important matches of his career. ” WHAT IS IT NOT A POLICY? There is really less common sense in WADA decisions every year, and more politics and commitment. Serious people and politicians, of course, understand this. It is no accident that the same USADA has neither authority, nor authority, nor means to control sports organizations in its own country. But at the same time, it supports the adoption by the US Congress of the Rodchenkov Law in order to be able to pursue athletes from other countries around the world. What is this if not politics? Big sport is stopped today because of the coronavirus. All athletes suffer losses, both financial and moral. For someone, skipping the season and canceling the largest tournaments will be a real tragedy, since there may no longer be a chance to appear at the Games or the World Cup. And it may happen that for many sports stars, including Russian, the next Olympic Games will be the only ones in their career. Or they won’t. Including due to the punitive actions of WADA in relation to our sport. It would seem, what is not a reason at this force majeure time to declare a universal doping amnesty in sport and bury the ax of war, so that after leaving quarantine you can start a new life? But no, nothing of the kind happens. Why? Apparently, the organization’s true goals extend far beyond sports arenas.

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