This Oak is not Trianon. He is James Bond and Stirlitz in one bottle

– And what is this Dubov?
– Well, we haven’t worked on it yet. In vain, oh, nothing … Soon, the KGB general performed by Vyacheslav Tikhonov and his subordinates from the series "TASS authorized to declare" had to deal with this surname, under which was hidden an American super agent with the call sign "Trianon". If you remember when the spy was exposed, he committed suicide. And now he has suddenly risen – behind a chessboard and already under the Russian flag. At the Lindors Abbey tournament, the 24-year-old Daniil Dubov developed such “subversive activities” that the world's strongest grandmasters were forced to capitulate. Our “mishandled Cossack” was ahead of all the stars: Karjakin, Grischuk, Aronian, Dean Lirenzhen, Nakamura – even himself, God forgive me, Magnus Carlsen. This is not some weird “Trianon” for you, but take it higher — the real Russian James Bond! Or, returning to Tikhonov, chess Stirlitz. During the tournament, Oaks more than once found himself “on the verge of failure”, but each time he twisted with brilliance. So in the final against the seasoned Internet fighter Hikaru Nakamura, the Russian had to recoup, which he did, but how! A two-week felling involving a dozen grandmasters eventually came down to the “penalty shootout” – the final “armageddon”, where Black is given less time (four minutes against five), but they are satisfied with a draw. Dubov’s draw seemed unlucky: he got white pieces. Now it was necessary to “beat to order” to beat the best specialist in the world in blitz just by blitz. Wow, the task is that any Stirlitz’s jaw drops and all the cryptographic codes fly out of his head … What is more surprising is what happened then in this decisive game. On the 12th move, the wise Stockfish (incidentally, the world champion in computer chess programs) estimated the position as close to equal – less than a pawn in favor of Dubov. But a few seconds passed, and this difference jumped to more than four, that is, to the figure! After a series of exchanges, the white queen jumped forward and right to the edge of the board with so deadly threats that the impenetrable “robot” Nakamura could immediately surrender! Well, or get poisoned in the manner of Trianon – because of the crushing direct attack of our grandmaster and already on the 14th (!) Move. This Oak is not Trianon. He is James Bond and Stirlitz in one bottle 5 EXCITING "RAPID" Like I’m remembering that in 2016, watching the Karjakin-Carlsen match, I had to listen for hours to the tedious tirades of the “multidisciplinary” television journalist who broadcasted a couple with one of the grandmasters. The most difficult thing was not to fall asleep then. “Rapid” in the Internet version is a completely different matter, you just won’t come off! It’s not as time-consuming as the “classic”, but also not as fast as a blitz, which only a professional can keep track of. Here, this pro has time not only follow yourself, but explain everything to you . Any viewer has a wide selection of video channels where cool chess players act as commentators, and for some of them this has long been the main specialty – they speak no worse than they analyze positions. Plus the estimates of Stockfish (see the white “thermometer” to the left of the board?) Online, extending dozens of moves ahead – a real feast for the mind! Yes, I understand that for a chess audience with experience all this is nothing new. But in this case, it’s not about them, but about the rest. Aw, guys! Until the resumption of the football RPL two more weeks, but for now – chess, chess and chess again! Especially in a country where they play less, of course, than in the former USSR, but what letter every horse still knows every child. By the way, I doubted the latter, checked, and my large colleagues confirmed: this is still the case. And the “elusive Dubov agent” will return to us very soon. Not later than the first days of August, when the finals start on the Carlsen Tour. The Russian Bond-Stirlitz has definitely left there. Series of online rapid chess tournaments “Magnus Carlsen Tour”
2nd stage
Lindores Abbey Rapid Challenge
Final Hikaru Nakamura (USA) – Daniil Dubov (Russia) – 1: 2First match – 2.5: 1.5 (1: 0, 1: 0, 0: 1, 0.5: 0.5), the second – 1.5: 2.5 (0: 1, 0.5: 0.5, 0.5: 0.5, 0.5: 0 , 5), the third – 2: 3 (0.5: 0.5, 0: 1, 1: 0, 0.5: 0.5, 0: 1) Schedule of the remaining tournaments of the series June 20 – 5'th of July. 3rd stage. Online Chess Masters
July 21 – August 5. 4th stage. Legend of Chess
August 9-20. The final. Grand final

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