This is the Alberto Entrerríos coach

Alberto Entrerríos is perhaps one of the best players in the history of Spanish handball and, with his arrival on the Nantes bench, he has become the last of the Spanish coaches to coach an elite team.

"The three years of second coach were very easy, they did not help me much, they helped me change the way of thinking, but from the first day I took the team, it's really when you learn" reflects the protagonist of the eleventh telematic press conference of the 'Espacio RFEBM'.

The Asturian has pointed out that the first objective of a coach must be that "the team has something of you, to contribute something, not to do the same as any other".

Just released the position of head coach "talking about dreams" is "unnatural" . “I had a dream sports life, but it is not something that I considered. As a coach I want to prove myself because I have rediscovered my competitive side, "he assured.

That the players speak well of my work is more important than the titles

Alberto runs away from that habit that evaluates a sports career by the number of titles, he understands the need to measure himself by other criteria. His real objective goes through the legacy he will leave: “to be able to say in a few years that I have been a good coach, that the players speak well of my work, more than the titles. That is more important. "

His first season at the helm of Nantes has closed with second place in the league. The Ligue Nationale de Handball defends the candidacy of the Breton team to receive a 'wild card' and participate in the new Champions League. "I think it will be done," he noted cautiously, in a year in which he believes that "there has been a huge progression" in his training. "I had never trained before, my experience was based on playing, so I had to build myself as a coach based on my experience as a player. I have focused on what I dominate best: the game, "he added.

"We would be delighted to have Raúl in Nantes"

The figure of Raúl Entrerríos was very present during the event. With the future of the national team captain still to be resolved, Alberto rules out a possible reunion in Nantes: “We would be delighted to have him. A few years ago there could have been a more real possibility but Raúl is installed in Barcelona. He has no desire to leave the club and I am sure he will continue there. He deserves to have one more season and finish that magnificent race at the height of what he has done over the years. ”

A career that makes Raúl another of the greats in the history of national handball:“ If I have to choose who has been the best player between my brother and me, I will say that my brother because he has had a very successful career for a longer time, I had more spikes. Raúl has acquired a maturity in his game that he has maintained for many years, I was a little more irregular. ”

Raúl is someone who does everything well

The oldest in the series points out that he was "a more explosive player". "We have different physical characteristics. He has made a more patient game, I was more impetuous, more irregular. He is an example of stability, it is rare that he does not live up to any game . And technically we had differences, I was a one-on-one player, perhaps an outside shot, Raúl is someone who does everything well, "he said.

Alberto and Raúl are two different players with a common philosophy. "We have both tried to play for the team, sacrificing our individual participation," he assured, before his brother made a stellar appearance from Barcelona to put the finishing touch to the conference.

Raúl confessed to being "the first Alberto's follower. ” The Barça player revealed that "among Alberto's plans was not to be a coach, but he has found that path that is undoubtedly great for him and for handball because few know as much about the game as he does."

“The hardest thing has been managing pressure. This year has been very hard because I have taken a team that came from doing important things and I try to make the club go even further, "Alberto acknowledged, with the humility that has always characterized this extraordinary talent.

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