This is above all interests. How Ronaldo, Pogba and other stars help in the fight against the epidemic

While Russia continues to chase a ball and puzzle over whether to chase a puck, sports stars in Europe and America have taken on a task that will cost more than all their goals, trophies and contracts . Salvation of people in distress. Some in the conditions of general chaos save their money, others save other people with their money. *** Cristiano Ronaldo decided to give his two hotels to fight the coronavirus epidemic. In Portugal, the situation, thank God, is not as critical as in neighboring Spain or Italy. Ill in the homeland of a superstar of world football no more than 200 people. But you can’t wait in this situation – every day inaction causes new victims. One hotel is located in the center of Lisbon, the other in Madeira, in its hometown of Funchal. The hotels will be converted into hospitals, staff maintenance and all costs will be paid by Cristiano. All facilities for those who need quarantine will be free, as well as treatment. Krish is one of the richest athletes in the world, in addition to football, he earns on almost everything. The CR7 hotels belonging to him are quite expensive. One night will cost you more than 10 thousand rubles at today's rate. “The world is in a difficult moment, and the protection of human life should be above all interests. All my thoughts today are with those who have lost their loved ones, ”Ronaldo wrote on the Internet. “I would like to express my solidarity to everyone who is fighting the virus, such as my teammate Dani Rugani, and also to express support for amazing medical professionals who risk their lives to save others.” After these words, you begin to respect the great football player even more. Already as a great citizen and person. *** Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba launched a campaign in social networks to raise funds to fight the coronavirus epidemic, timed to coincide with its birthday. “I was always grateful for that I myself, my family and friends remain healthy, Pogba noted on Instagram. – However, now many people have health problems. On such days, we must act together. With your help, I hope to collect 27 thousand pounds. If we succeed, then I will double this amount. ”Pogba emphasized that the money raised would go to buy medical equipment for medical specialists who study the virus and help the victims. This is above all interests. How Ronaldo, Pogba and other stars help in the fight against the epidemic 5 Luigi Sacco where they are working on the study of coronavirus and creating a vaccine, and also donated more than half a million medical masks for those in need . "Inter" previously sent 300 thousand for face masks to China – for residents of Wuhan, where the COVID-19 epidemic began. Napoli captain Lorenzo Insigne transferred 100 thousand Euros to Naples hospitals. Former NBA champion, Beijing Dax player Jeremy Ling allocated one million yuan from his charity fund to purchase medical equipment for Wuhan and another 300 thousand dollars from his own funds. This is above all interests. How Ronaldo, Pogba and other stars help in the fight against the epidemic 6 Wang Qiang donated one thousand yuan for every game won. After the outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic, the athlete won 94 games and as a result donated 13 thousand dollars to the Wuhan hospital. *** The first NBA basketball player infected with the coronavirus, the French center Utah Jazz Rudy Gober donated half a million dollars to charity for victims from the epidemic. 200 thousand dollars will be sent to the unemployed employees of the club’s home arena in Salt Lake City as compensation for the suspension of the regular season. 100 thousand Gober will donate three social services Am, who help the infected coronavirus in Utah, Oklahoma City, and France. $ 100,000 donated by the Florida Panthers Russian goalkeeper Sergei Bobrovsky . The money will go to salaries for the club’s home arena employees who lost their jobs due to the stoppage of the NHL championship. Basketball players Blake Griffin Kevin Love and Yannis Adetokunbo also donated 100 thousand each. . *** There is no doubt that every day the list of stars will expand more and more. And there are those whose secret donations we may never know. Is it time to join this promotion and our sports celebrities?

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