This has never happened before, and here it is again: The RBU Board approved new coaches

This has never happened before, and here it is again: The RBU Board approved new coaches 5
Strange and incomprehensible news continues to come from the Russian Biathlon Union. We explain what is happening. Not long ago, the same Board decided to recommend Robert Kabukov for the men's team and Vladimir Korolkevich for the women's team. Their candidacies were proposed by the new vice-presidents of the SBR Valery Polkhovsky. But today at the next meeting, Kabukov and Korolkevich were no longer remembered. They remembered about Yuri Kaminsky and Mikhail Shashilov and appointed them respectively senior in the men's and women's national teams. How did it happen? It's simple: this is an obvious victory for the current president of the RBU, Vladimir Drachev. He was originally against Kabukov and Korolkevich. It was he who, as a mentor to the women's team, suggested personal trainer Svetlana Mironova Mikhail Shashilov. In the men's team, Drachev suggested leaving Sergei Belozerov. He really remained, but Yuri Kaminsky, known for working with skiers, became the worst. Of the nine members of the Board who participated in the meeting (there was no Minister of Construction and Housing and Public Utilities Vladimir Yakushev), eight voted for this decision. Only Andrey Levunin was against. Thus, the coaching staff in the next season according to the new version will look like this: The main composition (group A and B) – men:
Kaminsky Yu.M. – head coach
Maximov MG – trainer
Istomin A.E. – trainer
Belozerov S.I. – trainer
Idinov S.I. – coach The main composition (group A and B) – women:
M. Shashilov – head coach
Zagursky N.S. – trainer
Konovalov S.A. – trainer
Kuvaev E.N. – trainer
Volkov A.A. – trainer A decision was made to the Board’s decision: “To include the Vice-President of the RBU Polkhovsky V.N. to the list of coaches and specialists of the Russian biathlon sports teams for the season 2020-2021 ” Everything is clear here: they did it so that Polkhovsky did not get very offended. In fact, strangely enough, this would sound more important than another issue on the agenda – determining the date of an extraordinary report-and-election conference. And here we come to a clue as to how the previous solution came about. It's simple: there was a change of trainers for the conference. The parties of Drachev were allowed to prevail in the first question for agreeing to put the second item on the agenda. And there, the Drachevites were expected to crash: only the president himself and two of his supporters – Sergei Tarasov and Sergei Chepikov – voted against. The remaining six members of the Board are in favor. The date of the extraordinary conference was called July 11, and it is very likely that on this day the new president will already be in the Russian Biathlon Union. So it is possible that the names of Korolkevich and Kabukov are forgotten only for a while. And the last. Despite the absence of Yakushev, 10 people still took part in today's meeting of the Board. The tenth guest was invited – the ex-president of the RRF, the head of the Sports Training Center, Alexander Kravtsov. He spoke only on the first question. Apparently, his experience and knowledge came in handy when appointing new coaches. By the way, I would not be surprised if Kravtsov returned to the RBU on July 11 in some role. Be it a “member of the Board” or an “honorary president”.

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