They threatened a gymnastics player

" Guanini, ungrateful to the club that gave you the chance to grow up . This Wolf's people don't forget. Pray that you never have to become a traitorous son of a bitch," said a paper received by this Sunday the defender of Gymnastics, Manuel Guanini.
Although the leadership offered him three years of contract, the defender does not want to renew his bond and will leave the club mid-year . Guanini himself explained the reason for his decision.
" I am leaving because I have been in the club for six years, a stage was fulfilled . I am very afraid for my parents. I hope that it is known who he is and who asks that they threaten me. what happened, "said the defender regarding his future and threats.
The Gymnastics leadership did not turn a deaf ear to this situation and issued a statement to repudiate the acts against Guanini:

The La Plata Gymnastics and Fencing Club, through its Board of Directors, repudiates the threats made today against our player Manuel Guanini.
These types of intimidating actions are far from representing the feelings and actions of the gymnastic family.
From the Board of Directors we have expressed our solidarity and support to this difficult situation. We accompany you and we are at the disposal of the entire Guanini family

They threatened a gymnastics player 5

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