They admit several allegations of the AER to the new Hunting Law of Castilla y León



The new hunting law of Castilla y León will have in its final text some of the allegations presented by the Spanish Association of Rehalas (AER) who presented his proposals once the draft of the so-called Law of Sustainable Management of Resources of the Castilian and Leonese community was known.

Specifically, several allegations have been admitted in order to increase security of the kennels in the stains, when specifying the prohibition to shoot on the targets and in the direction of the beaters when they are not out of line on the ground.

The contribution of the AER has also been valued ]in graduation as a serious sanction for interference from other hunting activity, as well as in the elimination of the controversial article on the control of hunting dogs in the field.

In a statement, the AER be happy icita for the receptivity of the Junta de Castilla y León although it regrets that other of its allegations have been left out of the legal text: «Among them: our disagreement with the increase in the number of dogs that They will form a rehala, a greater concretion in the regulation of the rehalas that participate in the monterias, the express prohibition of shooting on a hunting piece caught by the dogs, or a direct and clear authorization of the participation of dogs of breed considered potentially dangerous in the monterias ".

The AER ends its note announcing that it will continue offering its collaboration to the Administrations« so that the regulations that affect us are in accordance with reality and needs of the rehaleros ».

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