There will be Mapfre wheelchair tennis league



The Spanish Tennis Federation will launch the MAPFRE Wheelchair Tennis League, in which the four best Spanish players in this category will participate: Martín de la Puente (number 13 in the world), Daniel Caverzaschi (22 of the world), Francesc Tur (40 of the world) and Enrique Siscar (43 of the world).

The four tennis players will play four tests that will coincide in dates and venues with the previously announced men's tournaments of the MAPFRE Tennis League : from July 10 to 12 at the Lleida Tennis Club, from 17 to 19 in Madrid, from 24 to 26 in Valencia and from July 31 to August 1 in Avilés.

It is good for tennis, we complement each other very well

Dani Caverzaschi shows on RTVE his satisfaction with this initiative: “For us sharing the track with the ATP cracks is an honor. It is good for chair tennis and even tennis. We complement each other very well. "

So are the four participants

  • Martín de la Puente: 20-year-old from Vigo. Number 1 Spanish and 13 in the world. 19 ITF titles.
  • Daniel Caverzaschi: 26 years old from Madrid. Former number 1 Spanish and 22 in the world. Known as the Rafa Nadal of wheelchair tennis for being left-handed and having a topspin and heavy drive like that of the Majorcan. 22 ITF titles
  • Francesc Tur: Barcelonés, 43 years old. He is the veteran. Ranking number 40. 17 ITF titles
  • Enrique Siscar: Murciano, 37 years old. Number 43 in the world. 9 ITF titles

Aid Fund for Tennis Players in Wheelchairs

On the other hand, the ITF and the four Grand Slam tournaments have created a relief fund $ 300,000 for wheelchair tennis . This fund will provide subsidies for tennis players of this type and the organization of tournaments that have been affected by the pandemic, which has forced the entire sport of racket to stop.

Chair tennis players who won less than $ 100,000 in prizes in 2019 and who are in the top 20 for men and women will be candidates for such a grant.

RFET continues to increase its support for international tennis players who have seen their season paralyzed by the coronavirus crisis with the creation of these new circuits, with the aim of maintaining the competitive form of Spanish players before the return to normal of the international competitions.


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