The youngest professional skateboarder in the world saved her life by a miracle: Sky Brown and a scary fall

The youngest professional skateboarder in the world saved her life by a miracle: Sky Brown and a scary fall 5

Sky Brown ( 11 ) is a true prodigy of world sport . The girl born in Japan (daughter of a British father) practically came with a skate under her arm under the influence of her father Stewart, who had lived in the United States before moving to Japanese lands and took with him the activity that his daughter started to develop from a very young age. When her father saw the nascent talent in Sky, he agreed with her that the family would live half the year in the United States. so I could nurture it.
In 2016, at age eight Brown participated in the major Vans US Open making her the youngest skater in tournament history. Two years later, after having achieved a second place in the Asian finals of the discipline, appeared on the American television program Dancing With The Stars: Juniors, where in addition to taking the jackpot caught the attention of sportswear brand Nike which upon signing her contract made her the youngest professional athlete in the world .
Already turned professional, the young Sky made a decision that would mark her future. Instead of competing under the flag of his native country, he would do so for the British Skate Federation . At that time a news item was also known: Brown does not have a coach but learns her tricks through YouTube where she is also a very popular user with almost 5 million of views from his own videos . This tactic seems to work: last year it was third in the World Championship and fifth in the X Games .
The success of her early career led her to make the determination to go through the classification to the Olympic Games to be held in her home country, where skateboarding will debut as an Olympic discipline . Brown was going to become the youngest athlete in the history of Great Britain in the qualifying event that was going to take place in the month of May, but after her suspension she stayed training at her family's house in the state of California. There an accident happened that was close to being tragic .
On May 28, Brown was taken by helicopter to a hospital after a very hard fall, unconscious and with serious injuries: breaks in her arm and wrist left and various skull fractures . "Sky fell headfirst onto the ramp, onto his arm," said her father, adding that "she is lucky to be alive." However, the girl left a positive message in a video published on her Instagram, in which she stated that "my helmet and my arm saved my life, but this does not stop me: I will go for gold in Tokyo. "

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