The youngest coach in Italy is Spanish: "Age was never a problem"

At just 31 years old, Guille Abascal, who shared costumes with Jordi Alba or Bojan, has been in charge of the Ascoli Series B for a month. He is the youngest technician there in professional category

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Guille Abascal, during a training session with Ascoli.

There is no booklet as early as the one of Guillermo Abascal (Seville, 1989). He has lived since the summer in the quiet city of Ascoli Piceno, where the coronavirus has passed by. And confined to his apartment, along with Alejandra, his girlfriend, he has climbed another step in his career. They took their time. Although I was prepared and I knew that I just had to wait, he tells this newspaper, after starting the quarantine as a virtual technician and being promoted a month ago as the coach of Ascoli, Series B.

Since 8 March does not lead a party. It was in Crotone 800 kilometers from the city where he lives and works. While returning, the first team, designed to watch Serie A, was thrashed and Roberto Stellone signed a month earlier, was sentenced. They were going to promote me then, I did the first training and the championship stopped, he remembers, as if a life of all that had passed. While Italy, and the rest of the planet, fought (and waged) a hard battle against Covid-19. Now, the helm of Ascoli is his, waiting for the government to make a decision on Calcium.

He already lived a brief first contact in January as an interim, when the coronavirus seemed an exclusive disease of China. Since I live about 500 meters from the stadium, I went to watch the game. The team lost and the fans asked for the head of the coach, after four defeats. Go out and I said to myself: 'I think I'm going to have to take the team.' And so it was. I lived it, just like now, with the motivation to know that it was an opportunity to be seized. I came here for that.

Its premiere in Primera

Despite his young age (he turned 31 in April), Guille, as everyone calls him, was signed last summer to take the Ascoli youth academy methodology and direct the second team. He landed after emerging from the Swiss Super League, where, with only 28 years old, he was already guiding the illustrious FC Lugano . For me, age has never been a problem. The problem is the ignorance of those who do not know how to value people's capacities. Looking at the DNI can limit a trained person, he points out, after stepping on the sports city a week ago, and having the first training sessions well underway, which finally start.

 Guille Abascal, at home, during quarantine. "Src =" multimedia / images / 2020/05/24 / 15903303430184.jpg
Guille Abascal, during his quarantine. THE WORLD

During the quarantine, Abascal, who speaks Portuguese, French, English, and Italian, has pulled routines. At 7.30, Diana played. And after the obligatory coffee, it was time to thoroughly hatch the Serie B. I divided with the coaching staff the rivals we have left and we made an analysis to confront each other, he points out. If during the first month he got tired of watching games – about six daily, taking things from each one -, since his official appointment he has modified that routine thinking about the return: I focused more on my players, on an individual level. As there are going to be many matches in a short time, you have to know what each one can give me.

What is quite clear is how he wants his footballers to play: I like to see Leipzig from Nagelsmann the Sassuolo of De Zerbi or the Leeds of Bielsa which I enjoyed live a year ago. He does not understand the game if it is not vertical, deep and fast. I have a method between building football and verticalization. And that is the style with which he intends to grow in Italy.

His time at Barcelona

Guillermo wanted to be a footballer, but reality ended up sitting him prematurely on a bench. At 18 or 19 years old I realized that I didn't have enough motivation to keep going. I spent three years in Barcelona and returned to Seville to play at home. When I was 18 years old, I saw my colleagues on television Jordi Alba Bojan Giovani Dos Santos or Iago Falque . Maybe he didn't have the level to be in his category. Then I suffered a mental block because I did not see the necessary passion from the coaches. I missed that last push and understanding, she was honest about her past. I closed my period as a player and went back to listening again, documenting myself a lot and throwing myself into the mud. And, since I was 21 years old, to put myself in front of kids. Many, older than me, continues.

 Abascal, last Monday, when he stepped on the sports city again. "Src =" https: / / 19459017.................................................................................................................... 19459017 to step on the sports city. </span> <span class= EL MUNDO

From that passage through La Masa, he keeps beautiful memories. At 13 he signed for Barcelona and in those days an advertisement for Nike was being shot. One day I finish eating and I meet Henry Bergkamp and Van Nistelrooy . It is hard to forget. For situations like this, and despite his youth, it is difficult for him to have a soccer fraud. If I have to highlight someone, I can say that I have seen it up close. That I have lived with him and gone to school with him: it is Messi . Although waking up in the morning and seeing Ronaldinho training in front of you is also priceless.

Prints from another era to forget this harsh present under the coronavirus. Here [en Ascoli] people were always very psyched and little was seen on the street. Our responsibility was to stay home and move around a little. There were different days, between Netflix series and detective novels, to disconnect. Always in the company of Alejandra. Now, the football appears again in the distance. Not just on your computer screen. His mission, as soon as life on the grass returns to (almost) normal, is to propel the Ascoli. And, incidentally, continue to write beautiful passages in his brief, but intense, journey as a coach.

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