The worn out Lanzini to Boca | River Plate

The worn out Lanzini to Boca | River Plate 5

Nadir Ghazal

12:45 pm

December 9, 2018 will be eternal in the memory of the entire River world and will be a reason for being burdened not only for the current generation of fans but also for those to come. And there are several ex-River playing around the world that, although they were not part of that final, they feel the colors in a very special and passionate way.

The worn out Lanzini to Boca | River Plate 6

One of them is Manuel Lanzini, who plays for West Ham in England, and who in the last few hours uploaded a very Chicano photo regarding what happened that Sunday at the Santiago Bernabéu while he was preparing a delicious barbecue at his London home.

The 27-year-old footballer showed a wooden board where he supported meat and meat, which had the River crest drawn in one of the corners, and well centered on the top the date "12/9/2018 ", moment in which the greatest joy in the history of the club was provoked. To all this and to increase the provocation, Lanzini wrote "Roast with the best table", and some emoticons that accompanied the cause. Great, Manu!

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