The wife of a football player Pogrebnyak infected with a coronavirus is waiting for help from Rospotrebnadzor

The wife of a football player Pogrebnyak infected with a coronavirus is waiting for help from Rospotrebnadzor 5
“Today is the fifth day of illness,” wrote Pogrebnyak on Instagram. – No one called, did not come. I myself contacted the clinic, asked when the doctor would come to the children. They said they’ll call you. But there are no calls. But if it gets worse, we should be hospitalized. Who knows how long Rospotrebnadzor should arrive? ”Recall that earlier it became known about a positive test for coronavirus in the spouse of Maria, the football player of the Urals, Pavel Pogrebnyak. He was admitted to a hospital with bilateral pneumonia. COVID-19 was also detected in three children of Mary, with whom she continues to be at home. Pogrebnyak talks about the treatment process in detail on social networks, causing an ambiguous reaction among users. Andrei Rublev: Sharapova or Kournikova? Of course, Masha. The famous Russian tennis player looked into the live Instagram of the journalist Maria Komandnaya. 05/07/2020 09:00 Tennis Julia Grigorievskaya The records of Bjoerndalen and Fourcade are not eternal at all. Beh will beat many of them soon. After Martin Fourcade finished his career this spring, Johannes Beh lost his main rival. Can he surpass the achievements of the Frenchman and Bjoerndalen? 05/03/2020 00:00 Biathlon Tigay Lev “Be slim” and “a little cake”. As Alina Zagitova celebrated her 18th birthday From the morning of May 18, congratulations came of age to the Olympic champion in figure skating. 05/18/2020 13:00 Figure skating Sergeyev Ivan Slovaks refused autumn tournaments. Is next season at risk? ISU announced that Slovakia will not hold the junior Grand Prix stage in Kosice and the Challenger in Bratislava in September. The reason is coronavirus. 05/17/2020 15:30 Figure skating Tigay Lion Instead of throwing in, face-off, naked king and the first Russian with a champion ring An alternative to the top 16 Stanley Cup teams. 05/23/2020 18:30 Hockey Slavin Vitaly In Germany – a Russian goal, in Spain – a penalty for Zidane, in Georgia – the arrest of the first racket In the rubric “While you slept” – about the most interesting sport in the world since last night. 05/25/2020 08:00 Football Mysin Nikolay So after all, Sheikh Mansour? Football CSKA is looking for a foreign investor According to Igor Shuvalov, VEB.RF is interested in attracting foreign investment for PFC CSKA. I wonder where they can come from. 05/25/2020 12:58 Football Sergeev Ivan Zagitova will no longer drive a car without a license, as has happened before Olympic champion in figure skating Alina Zagitova received another gift for her 18th birthday. 05/20/2020 20:30 Figure skating Sergeyev Ivan Americans humiliated Gretzky, scandal over the first Slavic name on the Stanley Cup An alternative version of the top 16 NHL champions. Part 2. 05/24/2020 23:30 Hockey Slavin Vitaliy Werner scored 6 goals for Mainz. Germany has never seen such a thing in the 21st century. Leipzig striker Timo Werner scored a hat-trick in both games against Mainz as part of the German Championship 2019/20. 05.24.2020 19:30 Football Sergeev Ivan

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