The unknowns of soccer with the public

 Rubén Cañizares Rubén CañizaresSEGUIRMadrid
Updated: 06/10/2020 00: 49h
What will happen to the money already returned to the subscribers of the teams? The vast majority of First and Second teams agreed that 25% of the fees of their subscribers, which is the percentage corresponding to what League subtraction, it had to be returned to its most loyal fans. Some clubs did it directly, by transfer, and others proposed the formula of lowering the subscription for next season by the same 25%. In one way or another, the fan already knew that he would be compensated for these eleven remaining days without being able to see his team, a scenario that is now modified if people can finally enter the stadiums. A situation that the CSD admits that it will be delicate to manage: "We understand that a moral dilemma can arise with the fan to whom you have already returned their money," they explain. The clubs, for the moment, are checking their accounts, and it is not ruled out that consensual measures be taken among all professional football, considering how many matches there would finally be with the public and what subscribers could enjoy them. What will be the protocol for going to a game? This issue would be dealt with in the coming weeks if health developments continue to give good results. The royal decree approved yesterday already specifies a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between fans, so the separation in the stands would be unquestionable. How to access the stadium, how to get out of it, how to celebrate your team's goals or the use of a mask and gels would also be subjects to be regulated. What would be the estimated date of football with the public? Impossible to define at this time. In CSD, this is the hue that squeaks the most. They do not intend to act in a hurry or bow to pressure from the League, the clubs or the Autonomous Communities. From his point of view, to say a specific football date with fans right now is "jumping into the pool." The body chaired by Irene Lozano must have overwhelmingly positive data on the evolution of the pandemic on its table to take this step forward.

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