The unknown story Leandro Paredes told: "In 2011 Juventus wanted to buy me to be Pirlo's replacement"

The unknown story Leandro Paredes told: "In 2011 Juventus wanted to buy me to be Pirlo's replacement" 5

Leandro Paredes made all the lower divisions and debuted in Boca as a hitch. In June 2014 it was sold to Rome and, after a loan in Chievo Verona it was transferred to Empoli . That was when the change of position occurred and he became a central midfielder.
"I arrived at Empoli on a Friday, when two tournament dates had already been played, and on Sunday I debuted against Napoli . The next day, the coach told me he wanted me 5 because I wanted a player of my characteristics in that position. I liked him a lot from the first day and I never went out from there. I had never played in that position, I never thought I would play 5 ", he recalled in the interview with TNT Sports .
And he explained: "In the other position I always played with my back and with few spaces, now I am in front and with the whole panorama ahead, it is much freer for my game. Now I have to run more, sure, ha".
Precisely, the now player of PSG recalled the story – hitherto unknown – of when the Juventus went looking for him to be the substitute for Andrea Pirlo and his agent said no because he was down. "My father always told me that he was going to play 5 and I would tell him that he was crazy, my representative the same, that he couldn't play there. What's more, in 2011 a coordinator of Juventus told me he wanted to buy and he told me that he was buying me only to be the replacement of Pirlo at that time My representative told him that he was crazy, that I of 5 couldn't play and I stayed in Boca . Two years later I ended up playing 5 ", he laughed.
"I had that sports director later in Zenit . He was laughing because he wanted to buy me three years in a row and I never went. When he had me at Zenit I just got the chance to I went away and he said to me: 'No, I wanted to buy you for three years and now that I have you I am not going to sell you so quickly, ha'. And I stayed six more months ", completed" Leo ".

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