The UNFP hopes for a suspension of the L1

The UNFP hopes for a suspension of the L1 5

The National Union of Professional Footballers believes that the LFP must suspend the championships in France.

Thursday evening, the FFF (French Football Federation) made its decision, and all male and female competitions, all ages combined, are provisionally stopped to avoid participating the spread of the coronavirus. Now the posture of the LFP (Professional Football League) is expected, and a decision should be made in this regard early in the afternoon.

For its part, the UNFP is campaigning for Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 to be temporarily put to sleep, the body representing the voice of the main players in these championships. " Since the start of the coronavirus crisis, the UNFP has been increasing contacts with players and mobilizing its teams. The UNFP will obviously take part, this Friday, in the meeting organized by the LFP and will speak there of the professional footballers evolving in France who are, in their immense majority, favorable to a postponement of the competitions ", specifies a press release official.

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