The unexpected withdrawal of Marta Xargay



In these times when sports careers are lengthened until they are close to 40 years old, retiring at 29 is not common. Even less is doing it at the top, winning titles with the national team and aspiring to everything with your club. This is what Marta Xargay has done, who has just announced her temporary withdrawal from the courts for "personal reasons." , has terminated his contract with Uni Girona to hang up his boots and has sent a message to fans through the networks in which he explains a bit the reasons for his goodbye. « I have made the decision to take time for myself . In these times that we are going through, I have realized that you have to value more the little things like health and family and think more about me and right now that is what I need, "explains the player.

Xargay, who started his career at the Uni Girona youth academy, signed very young for the Perfumerías Avenida de Salamanca where he grew to become a fundamental piece for the double -Liga and Euroleague – achieved under the orders of Lucas Mondelo. He spent six years in Salamanca, accumulating joys and individual successes before leaving for Prague and, later, for Russia ( Dynamo Kursk ). In Salamanca he won almost all his titles (1 Euroleague, 2 Leagues, 3 Queen's Cups and 5 Spanish Super Cups). In the Czech Republic he would win a league and a European Super Cup with USK Prague .

Between 2015 and 2016 he played two seasons in the WNBA as part of the Phoenix Mercury although he could not win the ring.

With the national team is where he accumulated his greatest joys since he first took the podium at the 2013 European Championship . Xargay is one of the key pieces of the Lucas Mondelo team, whom he has always accumulated since joining the Spain bench. In these seven years, seven medals. Three European golds and a bronze; a World Cup silver and bronze and a silver at the Rio Olympics her great memory as an international player.

Now Xargay wants to take time without setting a date for Your return. Without even thinking about her. With no Olympic Games on the horizon, the Catalan wants to dedicate herself and meditate on her future . In fact, a few months ago I was already hinting at an interview on EsRadio's program "Tirando a Fallar". «I have to recover my level and my game. My hope to play. I've been like this for a year and a half and it's going bad. After this year I will decide whether to continue or where I am going », she said enigmatically when she returned to Spain after her Russian adventure. A few words that anticipated the withdrawal that has been made official today.

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