The tweet from 'Perico' Delgado that made Peio Ruiz Cabestany jump



In full confinement due to the pandemic of coronavirus television channels are using the memory of old deeds as a resource in the absence of live sports competitions. One of them was this past Friday the first victory of the popular Pedro 'Perico' Delgado in the Tour de France .

The Segovian ex-cyclist used his official Twitter account to announce the broadcast of this space on the channel Teledeporte . «For the younger or younger boys, you can enjoy this afternoon my first victory in @LeTour 1985 … Here the 'grandfather' counting battles . #RodemosJuntos, "he wrote.

On the show, the now-television commentator explained his vision of the stage. An explanation to which his then partner Peio Ruiz Cabestany could not remain silent.

«'I will start in Luz Ardiden …' Please, let confinement not last long! Ruiz Cabestany replied to Delgado's Twitter message.

The explanation for this ironic response is in Ruiz Cabestany's version of what happened at that stage, nothing to do with the example of a great strategy that was to many, and that was collected years ago in an interview by the magazine ' Jotdown ' .

“It's funny how it was sold. That stage went down in the history of cycling, it is told in this way, but I ran away to win at Luz Ardiden, not to later wait for Perico Delgado and take him ”he recalled.

«No one sent Perico to escape. He decided it. I was already crowning the Tourmalet, euphoric, excited, thinking that I was going to regain strength on the descent and that Luz Ardiden was going to go up to death, to victory … and then the car of the second team director came, got off the window, he gave me a raincoat to wrap myself up and said to me: 'Peio, you have to stop, you have to wait for Perico, who is coming alone'. 'What!?'. "'Yes, Perico is coming, stop.' I got a terrible crying. I went down very slowly, looking back, sobbing like a child . I went first through the Tourmalet and went down crying ».

The displeasure did not make a dent in the good relationship that both had then, as Ruiz Cabestany himself explains: « I was glad of his triumph in Luz Ardiden. Because he was a teammate and also a friend . He was a guy with concerns, smart, within the cycling world he was one of the most interesting. We understood each other very well. We were true friends . In addition, with the friction of the races you are more tolerant, you accept that some play hurts you, you assume it as part of your profession. "

Ruiz Cabestany did recognize then a later distancing, but for work reasons when both were partners in Spanish Television.

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