The truth of Nelson Vivas about the day of anger in Students: "I was kicked out there and I got bad"

The truth of Nelson Vivas about the day of anger in Students: "I was kicked out there and I got bad" 5

May 6, 2017. Students and Boca tied 0-0 in the Sole de La Plata, until Nelson Vivas exploded against the referee and was sent off when 26 minutes of the first half went . However, what caught the eye was when the former Pincha coach broke his shirt in the best Hulk style.
"At that time, Estudiantes had led the first 12 dates. Already for that stage, which was the match with Boca, we were playing the tip of the tournament. Boca had passed us. There was an action in which seemed to me that ( Agustín) Rossi fouled (Juan) Cavallaro … And nothing, they threw me out … ", the former defender told Infobae.
And in the same line, he told why he reacted like this: "What I did was complain, but not in a vehement way. I just said to the line:" Augustine touches it ". And when I say I touch it, I touch it him in the chest. But I barely brushed him. And the line told the referee that I had pushed him. They threw me out and I got it wrong ".
For his part, Vivas gave his opinion on the number of memes that appeared after that sequence: " Nahuel sent me the memes on WhatsApp, yes. And Luana had gone out that weekend. Friends would take her out dancing and they would come off. the shirt, ha . But Mia, the youngest, went crying to the school bathroom when they told me what I had done. I screwed her up. So there was everything for that reaction. "
" There was a Demi Moore meme that I liked the most . The one that gave me the most fun. When I took off my shirt she appeared in the movie Striptease … I'll tell you something: once, in a concentration, I was watching Youtube. A video appeared to me saying "The 10 unusual things that you will not be able to believe but they happened." And one of the 10 was me taking off my shirt … The shame it gave me. I could not believe it Good thing I was just looking, "he closed.

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